Draymond Green says Warriors would've won Game 5 if he played

BY foxsports • June 15, 2016

After serving a one-game suspension for accrued flagrant fouls on Monday night, Draymond Green re-entered Oracle Arena on Wednesday morning to a sea of waiting reporters. 

What followed was a long, mea culpa of sorts from the Golden State forward, who told media that Game 5's loss was on his shoulders, and that he needed to be a better leader to his team. 

Green spoke about the "roller coaster" of emotion he rode on Monday. Per NBA rules, he was forced to leave Oracle Arena two hours before the game, and ended up watching an Oakland A's game next door at the Coliseum.

Now, whether or not Green is to blame for the Warriors getting overrun in Game 5 is a question of chickens and eggs. If Green is there to support Andre Iguodala on the defensive end, maybe LeBron James doesn't bulldoze the lane like an iron horse every possession, which in turn gave a fresh Kyrie Irving the opportunity to machete Golden State's battered defense into ribbons in the second half.

Or maybe Green's absence didn't matter at all. Maybe no physical force on this mortal plane was going to stop NBA Jam-level LeBron and Irving from having their way in game 5. It certainly seemed that way at the time.

I mean, how do you stop this?

In any case, self-flagellation isn't going to win the Warriors their second straight title. Green needs to be on the court, executing at his best and finding open shooters.*

And not hitting people in the testicles.*

Dan is on Twitter. If Draymond plays Game 5, someone gets sterilized.

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