Danica manages to talk about waiting for Ricky to propose without cursing

Published Mar. 18, 2016 2:21 a.m. EDT

Danica Patrick joined "FOX Sports Live" this week to talk about waiting for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. to propose and cursing, and managed to do one without doing the other.

Ricky and Danica have been dating for more than three years while competing in the Sprint Cup series, and last April she revealed to NASCAR on FOX's Darrell Waltrip that if Ricky proposed to her right then and there, she'd say yes.

Almost a year later, she's still waiting.

Prodded on the subject, she told Jay and Dan that she could issue an ultimatum —€” "Me and the dogs or nothing!" —€” but she won't. And she won't ask him when he plans on popping the question, either.


"You gotta let a man be a man," she said.

Danica seemed relieved when the subject turned to her notoriously foul mouth, which she said bothers Ricky.

"He one time got so mad at me 'cause he heard a replay of my radio from a race, and he was genuinely disappointed with me and mad. And I'm like, 'I am 30-whatever years old!"

And she's not getting any younger. So propose already, Ricky. She might even clean up her language if you do.