V8SC: Whincup bitten by black-headed python

V8SC: Whincup bitten by black-headed python

Published Feb. 5, 2015 12:39 p.m. ET

Australia: The land of dinner-plate spiders, jellyfish that can kill you in under an hour, and the Bathurst Circuit in Mount Panorama, all about as frightening as each other.

Among other Halloween critters lurking in the land down under are snakes – some venomous, some not.

Fortunately for Jamie Whincup, the black-headed python that he was asked to pose with next to his championship trophy at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, is one that fits the non-venomous category.

Fortunate for him in that … yes, the snake bit him.


Unfortunately, however, for the six-time V8 SuperCar champ, the python had a pretty good hold of Whincup and it took a couple of minutes and some poured cold water to get the reptile to let go.

Despite a bit of swelling, both Whincup and the snake are OK.