Matt Mingay 'lost a fair bit of his lower face' in super trucks crash

Matt Mingay 'lost a fair bit of his lower face' in super trucks crash

Published Jun. 6, 2016 4:37 p.m. ET

Australian driver Matt Mingay was still in serious but stable condition Sunday after having surgery for facial injuries.

Mingay crashed during a trucks race at Belle Isle on Saturday. His family said he had surgery Saturday night, according to a statement from the Stadium Super Truck Series. Mingay remained at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Mingay's truck overturned during the third lap of the race, which was eventually suspended after a long delay. There was another SST race Sunday, and afterward, driver Paul Morris -- another Australian -- provided more details on Mingay's condition.

"He's lost a fair bit of his lower face, jaw and all his bottom teeth, but he has no permanent injuries," Morris said. "His brain's intact, his spine's intact, so he's got a long road ahead of him, hopefully we'll get him out of here in the next couple of weeks, get him stabilized and get back to Australia and get his head rebuilt, and he'll be brand new."


The SST circuit features high-horsepower trucks designed to take flight off jumps. Races feature ramps set up throughout the course, and trucks can be launched 20 feet in the air, covering more than 150 feet. As in all types of auto racing, the risks are part of the sport.

"It's something that we accept even before we get in the truck," said Australian Matt Brabham, who won Sunday's race as well as Friday's.

"If something happened to me, I wouldn't want the racing to stop, and I wouldn't want anyone to stop just for me. I take full responsibility, take it in, it's what I want to do. This is my life."

The trucks races were part of the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, which featured IndyCar races Saturday and Sunday. Bud Denker, chairman of the Grand Prix, praised the response to Mingay's crash.

"We've got the best trauma people around," he said. "They took a situation with a young man that was pretty injured, and ensured that he got to the hospital safely. He had surgery on his facial injuries. He's recovering now."