Lewis Hamilton's taking nothing for granted in Canada

Lewis Hamilton's taking nothing for granted in Canada

Published Jun. 10, 2016 11:44 a.m. ET

Lewis Hamilton insists he's taking nothing for granted in Canada despite his strong record there and the fact that his 2016 season took a turn for the better in Monaco.

Hamilton expects to have to overcome further hurdles in the course of this year.

“I feel positive coming here but of course I'm conscious of how the season's gone so far,” he said Thursday. “I'm not arriving all excited thinking everything's going to go great again, just because we've had one win. I'm conscious that there are potholes that we could easily maneuver, but could also fall down.

“I'm just conscious of those bumps that are potentially ahead. If we have a smooth weekend, that will be amazing. If we have a smooth weekend in terms of performance it should be a happy weekend.”


Lewis doesn't believe that he has any advantage over teammate Nico Rosberg in Canada, despite his winning record.

“Not at all, I don't feel any different. Firstly, you should never assume anything. That's not really the feeling I have this weekend. I know that it's a track that I've always been quick at. You look at the season and there'll be tracks like I've won there, been quick there, this one's always difficult but I have won there, but I can get back there through work.

“There's other tracks that naturally come a little bit easier than others. This is a naturally good track for me, so hopefully I should be able to capitalize on that this weekend.

“But the weather's all over the place, and I've had bad races here as well, hence I arrive here probably feeling the same as all the other drivers.”