Report: Woman crashes into sand trap

Report: Woman crashes into sand trap

Published Jun. 20, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

You always want to avoid bunkers at all costs, especially if you're driving a car.

An Uxbridge, Mass., woman had trouble doing so on Monday afternoon when she drove her car into a sand trap at Whitinsville Country Club.

The Worcester Telegram and Gazette reports that Patricia A. Maione, 46, was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license; drunken driving, fourth offense; negligent driving and driving with an open container in the car.

Maione reportedly told police that her GPS had instructed her to drive into the sand trap. According to the paper, the police report stated that "her GPS had told her to turn left. She stated that this left brought her into a 'cornfield' and once she was in the 'cornfield' she kept driving trying to get out her 'cornfield.'"


Police also indicated that she had allegedly been drinking vodka since 10 a.m. (with the incident occuring shortly before 6 p.m.), and a Burger King cup of booze was found in the car.

For whatever reason, Maione also indicated to police that she didn't even like golf, which may explain why she didn't know to avoid the bunker.