WATCH: A&M's defense not quite at level of LSU's under Chavis

WATCH: A&M's defense not quite at level of LSU's under Chavis

Published Aug. 20, 2015 8:50 p.m. ET

With longtime LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis having moved this offseason to College Station for the same position at Texas A&M, expectations have risen for the Aggies, whose defense has been their weak spot the past few years.

Just this week, some of the A&M players talked about feeling Chavis' impact already, particularly in terms of aggressiveness and emphasizing takeaways.

But turnarounds don't usually happen overnight, and an LSU fan's video cut shows that the Aggies still seem to have a ways to go to get to where the Tigers' defense has been in the recent past.

Check out the practice clips below, with the first half showing Chavis running what was called the "Gauntlet" drill at LSU and the second half showing Chavis running the same drill at A&M:


Granted, this clip was edited to emphasize the difference and might not be indicative of Chavis' true impact, especially since the Aggies just recently started fall camp. But it's something to keep in mind when considering those heightened expectations for Texas A&M that are built largely on significant defensive improvement.