Jim Thorpe Award Winners

Jim Thorpe Award Winners

Published Dec. 10, 2010 12:39 a.m. ET

Winners of the Jim Thorpe Trophy for the nation's best defensive back, presented by the College Football Writers Association of America:

2010-Patrick Peterson, LSU

2009-Eric Berry, Tennessee

2008-Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State


2007-Antoine Cason, Arizona

2006-Aaron Ross, Texas

2005-Michael Huff, Texas

2004-Carlos Rogers, Auburn

2003-Derrick Strait, Oklahoma

2002-Terence Newman, Kansas State

2001-Roy Williams, Oklahoma

2000-Jamar Fletcher, Wisconsin

1999-Tyrone Carter, Minnesota

1998-Antoine Winfield, Ohio State

1997-Charles Woodson, Michigan

1996-Lawrence Wright, Florida

1995-Greg Myers, Colorado State

1994-Chris Hudson, Colorado

1993-Antonio Langham, Albama

1992-Deon Figures, Colorado

1991-Terrell Buckley, Florida State

1990-Darryll Lewis, Arizona

1989-Mark Carrier, Southern California

1988-Deion Sanders, Florida State

1987-Bennie Blades, Miami and Rickey Dixon, Oklahoma

1986-Thomas Everett, Baylor