Defensive coordinator Pellum says Ducks defense 'getting better'

Defensive coordinator Pellum says Ducks defense 'getting better'

Published Oct. 8, 2015 5:38 p.m. ET

Defensive coordinator Don Pellum simplified Oregon's defensive approach after the Ducks' 62-20 loss to Utah. The changes seemed to pay off against Colorado as the Ducks only allowed 308 total yards and forced three turnovers.

“We don’t need to focus on little details like running to the ball anymore on defense during practice,” defensive end DeForest Buckner said, according to The Register-Guard. “It was a really big problem in the beginning of the season. A lot of guys, they’re finally buying in.”

Utah piled on 530 yards of offense in Eugene in their blowout victory, leaving Pellum scratching his head. The Ducks went to a more basic scheme, which helped them beat Colorado. Pellum thought that the adjustments helped the young defense.

“Our overall intensity was better,” Pellum said. “As the (Colorado) game progressed, we continued to play hard. Some of the things we were seeing early, we made tiny adjustments to. A lot of those, the kids made on the field.


“And all of a sudden it’s getting better, it’s getting better, it got better. I think that’s the most significant thing that happened.”

(h/t The Register-Guard)