Watch Billy Crystal's brilliant eulogy for Muhammad Ali

BY foxsports • June 10, 2016

Billy Crystal began his eulogy for Muhammad Ali like only he could.

"We're at the halfway point," he said dryly upon taking the stage, hours after the day's events for Ali began. "I was clean shaven when this started."

Of course, everyone in the building laughed, and then Crystal turned somber. "Last week, when we heard the news, time stopped," he said. "There was no war, there were no terrorists, no global catastropes. The world stopped, took a deep breath and sighed."

That was the tone of Crystal's eulogy for Ali on Friday. Funny, poignant, at times boisterous, often touching, brilliant. Crystal ended his eulogy with this:

You can watch the full video above (at 6:25, Crystal does the same Ali impersonation that he pulled off during his first time on air).

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