Sean Newcomb on getting Game 3 start as Braves look to stave off elimination vs. Dodgers

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Braves' Sean Newcomb on getting Game 3 start vs. Dodgers

REPORTER: You left the stadium last night. Were you anticipating the possibility of starting tomorrow?

- Yeah, kind of just ready for anything with where we're at. But Snit came up and talked to me on the plane before we took off, let me know that that was a possibility. So kind of getting my mind right before I went to bed.

MODERATOR: We're going to go toward the back on the left.

REPORTER: Hey, Sean. How much did those couple innings the other night help prepare you for what you're going to face? I know you saw these guys earlier, but kind of get an idea of what to expect tomorrow.

- Yeah, it was definitely good to get out there and just experience the playoff atmosphere. Being on the road too, so it was allowed and everything. But definitely good to get out there, see the lineup again, and just kick it off in the postseason.

MODERATOR: Toward the back again.

REPORTER: Just wondering, from this, obviously you had success against them. How much can you rely on that? What do you take from that going into game 3?

- Yeah, definitely going to use that to my advantage. And they can use that to their advantage too because they've seen me throw a lot of pitches. So it's going to go both ways. Go out there and use my strengths and attack them.

MODERATOR: Third row to the left.

REPORTER: Sean, obviously, the time when you were here, you had the no-hitter, but since then, starts haven't been what you want them. What have you learned from that time period until now?

- Just compared to how I was feeling when things were going really well, and just seeing where I'm at, and just learning from it, and figuring out what I need to do to make some adjustments. I feel like I did a pretty good job with it.

MODERATOR: Fourth row toward the center.

REPORTER: Hey, Sean. So when he tells you right before you take off, do you sleep or are you, at that point, excited?

- No, I was definitely excited, but at that point, pretty tired. It was about 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM back here, so I was pretty tired. But definitely kept me up for a little longer.

REPORTER: What time did you get the call today?

- This afternoon, I'd say between 2:00 and 3:00.

REPORTER: And what was your reaction then?

- He told me last night, so I kind of had a forewarning. But excited and ready to go.

MODERATOR: Back to Mark.

REPORTER: When you go back to that starter on July 29, I think-- what'd you throw? 134 and I think was 102 fastballs. Do you remember what led you to that, to lean on the fastball that heavily that day? Was it a feel thing or more of a match-up thing?

- I'd say a little bit of both. It was working early and working off. And I guess I just stuck with it, and it just kind of carried through. Obviously doing 134 pitches has definitely made it a little easier. Having it would be a lot more fastballs versus some mild speed.

MODERATOR: We're going to back to the left in the third row.

REPORTER: Oh, Sean, obviously, this isn't the first time this team has been in a tough stretch, back against the wall. How have those previous situations got at what you guys have talked about over the past couple days, and how will they help you going forward tomorrow?

- Yeah, I mean, we've been in spots where we've had to win some games and had our backs against the wall, so to say. But I think we've just got to take it one game at a time, like anyone would say and just really approach it like that. Because we can win one game at a time. Anyone can.

MODERATOR: Anything else for Sean? OK, we'll do one more in the back.

REPORTER: Just kind of curious because it's easy to say this is just any other start, but it's really not, with what's at stake. How do you look at that with the gravity of the situation?

- This isn't nothing more than just making me a little more fired up to get out there and attack their lineup. Nothing else really, just excited.

MODERATOR: Anything else? We'll do one final one on the left, here, third row.

REPORTER: Over the last two games, you've seen what this Dodgers lineup does. What did you learn just from watching them over these last two games particularly? And how do you expect to play that forward?

- Typically when you watch a baseball game, and what they're looking for, and seeing the kind of swings you're taking on certain pitches, and just kind of getting a feel for how they are. Just good hitting team, aggressive. I'm going to be looking for some fastballs.