D.C. United vs. Orlando City | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between D.C. United and Orlando City.

ANNOUNCER 1: See how long it lasts.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Johnson tucked it back. The big question for me tonight, who's going to supply the service to Dwyer? From distance, knocked away. That was Ousted. That was a tough one, off Higuita.

Back from Stieber, Acosta, Rooney, and then Acosta again. Acosta on the dribble, shot, Acosta! That'll count.


ANNOUNCER 1: Smashes it here at the end, because look at this angle. Wonderful little touch there into space.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nevermind Mora, Mueller had the better of that match-up in the first half, anyway.

ANNOUNCER 1: The flex towards the end line. Played across, [INAUDIBLE] sent it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yep, deflected right there, left. left foot right there, and then it goes in.

That's blocked. Orlando City should be able to move this ball ahead, they do. On that right side from your look, taking off, DC of a man.

ANNOUNCER 1: Assad, there you go.

ANNOUNCER 2: Is this a swing right there? Or is it just momentum trying to get past the player? That's what they have to decide. But you know what?


Here we go.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wow, a red on Higuita.

ANNOUNCER 2: Mora, inside for Arriolia. Powers couldn't clear it out far enough. Chipped in, that's Acosta. He's got 2. And he's down. But the flag was up. So it's no goal, offside. But worse than that, Acosta's down. At this point, they're not about the goal.

You can hear fans chanting VAR.

ANNOUNCER 1: There it is. That's been a normal chant in these stadiums.

ANNOUNCER 2: I mean, that is as close as you can get. Because you take away the arm, that doesn't matter.

ANNOUNCER 1: Get a double VAR here, where he gives the goal and he gives a red card.


ANNOUNCER 2: Goal. So now, my initial statement was correct, Acosta has 2.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dillon Powers pushed back, all the way back by Opare. But he beat that pressure. Rosell, Dwyer, flag stays down. Dwyer the shot, he will tie the game. Dom Dwyer, terrific goal, 11th of the year.

ANNOUNCER 2: That is vintage Dom Dwyer, vintage.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, that's so Dom. Making this run, perfectly timed, get's in, ah, the little scoop.

ANNOUNCER 2: DC United going all out after it. Ousted cleared.

A foot race the other way. Look who's running hard after it defensively, Wayne Rooney. That net is empty. Big collision by the captain. That is unbelievable effort.

Rooney putting one up, Acosta, header, goal! Patrick Acosta!


ANNOUNCER 2: All right, so Wayne Rooney, wonderful tackle here. Beat him individual. Heart, effort, but that's not enough. He wants to do more, cross-field ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: To the smallest guy on the field.

ANNOUNCER 2: And in the back of the net. But guess what's happening right now?

ANNOUNCER 1: I can tell you what's happening right now, VAR.

ANNOUNCER 2: You bet.

ANNOUNCER 1: Because JC Rivero had his hand on the earpiece.

ANNOUNCER 2: But that's not enough. He wants to do more, cross-field ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: To the smallest guy on the field.