Mom overcome with emotion as Andrija Novakovich makes USMNT debut

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Andrija Novakovich makes USMNT debut against Paraguay as his mom watches on.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Novakovich will come in for [INAUDIBLE]. That is his mom in the stands. We have more on this from Jenny [INAUDIBLE]. What can you tell us about the debut of Novakovich?

ANNOUCNER 2: JP, I have to say it was pretty special getting to know Novakovich's family. And I can tell you, mom, dad, brother, sister, aunts, uncles. They are all here. He has a huge cheering section, 14 people. It was a 16-hour drive from Wisconsin to make sure they could be here.

The only one who didn't drive, well, it was grandpa. And that's [INAUDIBLE], a big part of his life being. A big part of his soccer career. He's here. Two back surgeries wasn't going to stop him guys. He made the trip to see this moment.