Arizona resident transforms home, yard in Seahawks colors

The 12th man? Ashtin Fitzwater dresses his home in the Seahawks' team colors.

Ashtin Fitzwater

Flying your team colors on game day is one thing, but one Chandler, Ariz. resident has dressed his home in Seattle Seahawks blue and green.

Ashtin Fitzwater, a 28-year-old real estate developer by trade, took his fanhood to a whole new level by spending this past weekend painting an official Seahawks logo in his yard and spraying his house down with team colors.

Growing up in Silverdale, Wash., Fitzwater coupled his lifelong Seahawks fandom and eye for creativity to finish his latest piece of work.

“I basically stuck four stakes in the ground, measured the logo from my hardhat to get the length and the width ratios down and then blew it up for the size of my yard,” Fitzwater told by phone on Wednesday. “Then I got to painting.”

Surprisingly, the neighborhood is completely on board with the 20-foot logo in the lawn.

“I have a Cardinals fan on one side,” Fitzwater said. “A Broncos fan on the other side, which was funny last year, and a Niners fan five houses down.”

When asked how fortunate it was that a Patriots fan didn’t live on his block, he quipped: “Even if there were, it would be that much sweeter.”

While Fitzwater is planning to watch Super Bowl 49 from his living room, he’s leaving out hope that he’ll be able to find tickets to the big game before Sunday’s kickoff. As for a prediction from the superfan?

“I saw that the Patriots are favored by two points,” Fitzwater smirked. “We’ll take being an underdog all day.


“It will probably come down to a fourth quarter win. It would be kind of cool to see Hausch Money (Steven Hauschka) win the game with a field goal. I’d go crazy.”