Reid it and Weep

We all know how much Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid loves his Hawaiian shirts.

So, how about pairing it with a gold jacket?

On Super Bowl Opening Night, Reid smiled and cracked jokes, all while rocking his very Miami-appropriate attire.

But if he can’t come up with a win come Sunday, it won’t be a laughing matter.

Reid’s career, to this point, has been impressive.

His 221 wins are good enough for sixth all-time among NFL coaches.

However, with all of those wins, he has yet to win the big one.

The question on everyone’s mind is, can he finally do it?

If he does — with an already lengthy resume — it seems like he will have cemented his spot in the NFL Hall of Fame. But if he loses, the narrative might move away from all his wins and zero in on the losses.

Currently, Reid has coached the most games in NFL history without a championship.

At this point, it’s trophy or bust. Well, not actually.

Because without the trophy, there will be no Hall of Fame bust.

Only one coach in the Super Bowl era failed to win a title but still make the Hall – Buffalo’s Marv Levy, who led the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls and lost every single one.

With that said, there is hope for Reid if he doesn’t win a ring, but the chances are slight. While Levy made four straight appearances, Reid is making his second Super Bowl appearance after 15 years.

And if the Chiefs don’t win Sunday, he really has no excuse.

Some believe Reid’s resume is already impressive enough to have a seat among legends.

But the precedent has been set: Championships separate great coaches from Hall of Fame coaches.

And with one more win, Reid can start to buy those Hawaiian shirts in ‘Hall of Fame’ gold.