Tom Brady shows pup Fluffy to the world with cheesy ‘Lion King’ video

Tom Brady didn't disappoint with this 'Lion King' homage. 

Patriots QB Tom Brady recently welcomed a new member to his family when an appropriately-named puppy named Fluffy joined the Brady bunch. The pooch was first revealed by wife Gisele Bundchen on Wednesday with an Instagram post. But Tom being the Facebook guru that he is, had to share a video of his own.

And it didn’t disappoint. Brady posted this solemnly awesomely corny video introducing Fluffy to his fans … "The Lion King" style.

Everything the light touches, Fluffy…

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Leave it to Brady to share a clip like this. Which is not a knock on his creativity, because it’s very well done, "Circle of Life" playing in the background and all. He even included fellow Brady dogs Lua and Scooby in the video (a proper nod to those who came before Fluffy in this circle of life), though they looked less than enthused.