Sanchez puts backfield in motion

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez solidified his status as

an NFL punchline with his infamous butt-fumble against the New

England Patriots in November. He even has


statue to prove it .


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Now, seven months later, it’s Sanchez’s own rear end

that has the internet abuzz.

See, Sanchez has apparently been spending some time in Napa

Valley lately, along with a woman named Alana Kari. We know this

because Kari shared — and then quickly deleted —

several Vine videos from her trip to wine country, some of which

(sadly, they’ve all been removed from YouTube) included


But Sanchez partying out west with a reported LA socialite

during the offseason, while interesting, doesn’t ruffle too

many feathers. What does get people talking, however, is video of

Sanchez’s bare backside dancing around the kitchen, which is

exactly what Terez Owens


target="_blank">unearthed and posted to the internet. (

Warning: Video contains naked butt.)

We can’t show you the actual video, for obvious reasons

— you can


target="_blank">visit T.O. for that — but here’s

an edited screenshot. You can trust us when we tell you that the

pixelated part of the image is, indeed, a rump.


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Now that we know how Sanchez spends his time when he heads to

the left coast during the summer, it’s easier to understand

why Jets rookie QB Geno Smith


target="_blank">is still so non-committal about attending

Sanchez’s “Jets West” camp later this