Stafford: Working with QB coach would not be ‘beneficial to me’

Inconsistency has been one of the biggest issues this season for Matthew Stafford, but the Lions quarterback isn’t into working one-on-one with someone to improve his throwing mechanics.


Stafford, whose team found itself out of the playoff race despite sitting atop the division heading into Week 15, said earlier in the week that he wouldn’€™t consider working with a proven quarterback coach to help improve his accuracy.

"€œI don’€™t know. Just not something I’d feel would be my style [or] beneficial to me, I guess,"€ Stafford said via

Many quarterbacks in the league, from Cam Newton to Ben Roethlisberger, have worked with quarterback gurus in the offseason and have seen success afterward. Stafford, meanwhile, is in one of the worst stretches in his five-year career, wrapping up the season having completed just 52.5 percent of his passes in the past seven games. He’€™s also has more interceptions than touchdown passes in that span.