All tapped out? Packers fans couldn’t quench their thirst

Yes, this would have made a loss to the Atlanta Falcons truly unbearable.

Fortunately for Packers fans, Green Bay did not lose to Atlanta, pulling out a 22-21 victory at home Sunday and dulling the pain from … the pain-dullers not working, apparently.

The 77,550 fans braving temperatures that went as low as 9 degrees Sunday at Lambeau Field were left with one other minor inconvenience: The beer and soda lines were frozen, depriving those fans of even a little bit of solace.

One fan described the carnage to FOX 11 in Green Bay:

"Was frozen right out of the tap. Like, came out with ice cubes the beer – it looked like a Miller Lite slushee."

This video report from FOX 11 has more on the saga.

Temperatures have been known to get much lower at Lambeau Field, but any game is tough to watch without some extra liquid help. Hopefully the Packers can get both those lines and Aaron Rodgers in working order soon.