NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Shopping Dwyane Wade?

NBA Trade Rumors: It sounds like the Chicago Bulls could be on the verge of shopping Dwyane Wade

During the summer, Dwyane Wade made his decision to leave the Miami Heat and sign with the Chicago Bulls about going back home. It was never about that.

In order to save face, Wade changed the entire narrative on us. And we bought it. However, 49 games into the 2016-17 NBA season, it looks like that narrative has run its course. In fact, Wade could be on the move soon.

According to ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, who casually dropped this interesting nugget during the local hour of his national radio broadcast, the Bulls are practically shopping everyone on their roster, including Dwyane Wade, not named Jimmy Butler.

[via ESPN]

Is it a known thing that Wade is on the block? Wade is on the block. They are willing to trade Dwyane Wade. The Chicago Bulls are shopping Dwyane Wade. Is that a known thing?

Chicago is willing to do it…Chicago is making everyone on their roster available except Jimmy Butler. I guess maybe that’s not surprising…If Cleveland wants him (Wade) they can have him.

Even though he’s on the block, it’s probably going to be extremely difficult for, really, any team to make a move for Wade.

Wade is making $23 million this season, and could opt-in for another $23.8 million next season, whether he’s traded or not. Either way, making a move for Wade is going to cost you. And considering that Wade likely won’t be able to make top dollar on the open market anymore, you’re essentially trading for a two-year contract, not an expiring one.

However, as Le Batard notes, if the Cleveland Cavaliers want him, he’s there for the taking. LeBron has been screaming from the rooftops that the Cavs need to add another playmaker. Wade, even though his skills are eroding due to age, would quantify as a playmaker indeed.

The better question is whether or not a team will actually pony up the assets in order to make trading Wade an actual reality?

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