NBA Draft Q&A: Who is Dante Exum?

With the fifth pick of the NBA Draft, the Jazz selected Australian guard Dante Exum. But who is this guy exactly? We know he’s 18 years old, he’s coming out of Australia, and he’s the son of former North Carolina player Cecil Exum, who played with Michael Jordan. What makes him special though?

The 6-foot-5 Aussie is always being asked to describe his game and what NBA player does he model his play most after. He’s been the mystery man of the draft and even he knows that.

"I find it funny in a way," Exum said. "It’s always good to be known about, but I do enjoy being a mystery."

If you did get the chance to see this young baller play, it’s clear to see he can get to the basket with ease, and with his large wingspan and size, his defensive upside is looking good. We got the chance to learn more about Exum in a one-on-one interview:

FOX Sports: What will be your first purchase after you get your pro contract?

Exum: The first thing that comes to my mind is an Audi. Even though I don’t have my driver’s license yet, I still want it.


FS: What’s the craziest moment you’ve shared with a fan?

Exum: It was at the combine and this one fan knew all my flight details down to the specifics. It was a little strange and I was a bit worried at first, but he was a big fan so it didn’t really matter to me.

FS: What do you need to have on your pregame playlist?

Exum: I’m a big J. Cole fan, so that’s gotta be in there.

FS: What will you miss most about Australia?

Exum: Mostly the food. We have a lot of unique food and flavors that you don’t have over here. Especially Vegemite.

FS: Vegemite? What’s that?

Exum: Oh man. It’s delicious. It’s a spread that you can put on toast or crackers. It’s not like Nutella though. It’s completely different, but you should definitely try it. Also, if you ever go to Australia be sure to see and try as much as you can. It’s a beautiful place.

Exum: I have a twin sister named Tierra. I think that’s all (laughs).