Ricky Rubio on Kevin Garnett: ‘He changed the culture over here’

Rubio and KG have grown close during the 20-year veteran's time in Minny.
Jim Mone/AP

Much has been made of Kevin Garnett's arrival in Minnesota and the ensuing effect on the Timberwolves' locker room. KG is known as the ultimate leader of his generation, someone who can immediately change the makeup of any team. Apparently, the legend has held true during his second stint in Minnesota. At least, so says Ricky Rubio.

Rubio recently sat down with Britt Robson of the MinnPost to talk all things Wolves. His answer when asked about KG was an interesting one, and something that was hardly shocking to hear.

From the interview:

Click here to read the full piece, which gets a little nerdy about X's and O's, discusses the Euroleague and goes over how Rubio has grown during his time in Minnesota. It's certainly worth your time.

MP: Would you say KG has had an enormous impact that way, just because he does have that example to show?

RR: No doubt. He changed the culture over here. It is something that I have been so excited to see. A guy who is 20 years in the league, 40 years old, comes two hours before practice and gets some shots up and does some extra work. Now everybody does the same. I used to do the same. I know your body got to rest sometimes, but it is something that, when you are home, you are thinking, “KG is on his way to the arena” and I am just having breakfast at home or whatever. And you feel bad. You feel like, “I should be there.” And that — little things, little details change the culture from a normal team to a winning team. Because the line from winning and losing is so thin, that people don’t realize what it takes to win. There are so many little details that something that small can change a big thing at the end.

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