Burning of ex-racer Mayfield’s NC home canceled

The scheduled burning of the million-dollar home once owned by

former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield as part of a fire training

exercise has been canceled.

Chief Donald Robinson of the Catawba Volunteer Fire Department

said Saturday’s scheduled burning was called off because of the

threat of rain. Firefighters had said previously that rain would

not prevent the burning from taking place.

Robinson said the house was in such bad shape firefighters

couldn’t conduct any of the practice drills inside. He also said

the new owner doesn’t want to keep the house, adding that the house

will either be burned down or torn down.

State officials kicked Mayfield off the land in November 2012.

Catawba County sheriff’s deputies changed the locks on the doors.

Carolina Farm Credit received an order that month transferring the

land and buildings to the company. Court records show the bank

bought the land for $1,725,000.

The windows and the wiring have been stripped from the home.

Drywall and other building materials are now exposed.

Mayfield was suspended from driving in 2009 after testing

positive for methamphetamine. He is facing a variety of