FOX MLB Crew breaks down Houston’s crazy extra innings win in Game 2 of the World Series

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David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas and Keith Hernandez join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Houston's huge win in Game 2 of the World Series.

- I go back to the eighth inning. We're sitting there like, oh boy, this-- this series might not be coming back to LA. The Astros look dead. The Dodgers, another dominating performance. And then all of a sudden, boom, here we are.

So did they save their season tonight?

- I think so, Kevin. And you know, fellas, for me, they looked unbeatable. I mean, they looked-- they looked a little bit like Rocky in "Rocky 4." And finally, finally, they checked in. They drew first blood, right? And they checked in a big way.

Their big three stars checked in. All homered. Seven hits. Correa, Springer, Altuve. This is a big, huge win.

- You know what is making this series a little dangerous for the Dodgers? They're bullpen giving it up. Put it this way. This bullpen having super solid the whole playoff, part of the regular season. All of a sudden, you had Jansen coming in for five outs, and giving it up, tying the game. And then, bounce back, tie the game, Houston come back and win the game.

I mean, it was crazy. It was a crazy night right here.

- Well, I just think that-- I think looking back, I didn't think that Hill had such a bad outing. He was pulled so quickly. I know he's a five-inning pitcher. But he pulled him in-- well, Dave Roberts pulled him in the fourth-- after the fourth inning. And he usually could have-- he could have kept him in maybe an inning or two longer. And then-- who can foresee that the game goes extra innings?

And then, the Astros got deep into that bullpen that you never hear about, that Dodger bullpen. And they made hay. They got 11 of their 14 hits from the sixth inning on.

- What'd you expect? Two 100-win teams. These guys are resilient. They do not give up. They fight, fight, fight. Houston found their swag. And what's scary now is they're going home in that loud place. And they are tough team at home.

But right now, the Dodgers got to find a way to battle back and win a game in Houston.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Hey, think about this. Five home runs in extra innings alone here tonight. That's never been done in a baseball game ever. Ever. Not postseason, not regular season, never until tonight.

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Let's hit George Springer. In the pre-game, we were debating, hey, do we move him out of the leadoff spot? He was in the 3-for-30 hole. Oh boy, did he wake up.

- He came up in a big way. And you know, we saw the-- fellas, we were in the green room, and we saw some adjustments. He finally put the driver away, and looked like Freddy Couples and took a nice, 70% swing. And he hit a ball almost 400 feet to right-center field. That's what you call a half swing, not the crazy swing he was taking before.

DAVID ORTIZ: I wonder if this swing right here going to teach him something. Because before, he was trying to pull the ball, hit the ball over the left-field fence. Now, he got runner on second base, and he seems like in that swing, he wasn't trying to be too aggressive, you know, too violent. He was trying just to move the runner over. And you can see what he's capable of when he is trying to do that.

- Well, what a difference a day makes. His day didn't start out great. But he got a base hit his second time up on a breaking ball from Hill, which he's been so far out in front. To see him hit that slow curve ball, hit that line drive to left field was a sign that he was waiting a little bit longer, letting the breaking ball come to him. And the fact that it went extra innings, it was even better for him. Because that home run was very clutch.

And that first swing he took in that at bat, guys-- Frank, you remember we looked each other, and said, oh, there's that big, long swing again.

- 2-0 swing.

- He's trying to hit a home run-- he's trying to hit a home run. And sure enough, next pitch, nice and fluid, easy swing, opposite field. Big home run.

- And Keith, you know-- go ahead, Frank.

- It was key for them-- for him to get on base for this team. Now, they all feel like they're in the flow again. This Houston team woke up tonight. I can't wait for the rest of the series because Houston's going to be crazy the next three days. We got a fight on our hands. And we should expect that from two resilient ballclubs.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: And what we saw, whether it was Judge or Springer, moving them to the middle, that's a compliment. These guys are great. But that at-bat, he was focused. He had one goal, and that was to move the ball over and move the ball forward, not ignite an inning.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: And this all started by getting one off of the great Kenley Jansen, who had never blown a postseason save before. A lot to discuss here. For those of you on Fox, your late local news is next. Stay tuned for that. Want more baseball? Flip it over to FS1 right now. We're going to be talking for a while.