Mob boss warned of steroids in ’98

People like to look back and give Jose Canseco credit for being ahead of the curve on just how big baseball’s steroid problem was in the late 90s.

But mob boss John Gotti seems to have been on to something also.

A surveillance video from 1998 (yes, the same year Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were in an epic home run race) shows Gotti behind a plexiglass window talking to his grandson about why he shouldn’t aspire to play pro baseball.

"First of all, you got to be a good liar, a good lowlife, and an imbecile. You gotta take steroids. You must take steroids! And anybody that takes steroids is a garbage pail," Gotti is heard saying during the conversation, which also included his daughter, the boy’s mother.

Here’s the video (some NSFW language in there, be warned):

The kid then changes his tack, saying: "Then I’ll be a cook." (Or maybe crook, which would make sense, but it sure sounds like cook)

Suffice to say Gotti didn’t like that idea any better as that’s when the bulk of the NSFW language comes into play.

Gotti was sent to prison in 1992 and died there in 2002 after a lengthy bout with throat cancer.