Sources: Ramirez prefers to stay at SS

All is still not settled between Hanley Ramirez and the Miami Marlins

Ramirez seemed to indicate that he was willing to move from shortstop to third base in an interview with the Associated Press last Friday in the Dominican Republic.

The article, however, did not accurately reflect Ramirez’s sentiments, major-league sources say.

Ramirez’s stance remains unchanged, according to one source — he has a strong preference to remain at shortstop, but will handle the matter with the Marlins professionally.

The source said that Ramirez is expected to meet with club officials this week in Miami.

The Marlins want to move Ramirez to third to accommodate shortstop Jose Reyes, whom they signed to a six-year, $106 million free-agent contract in December.

Ramirez had not spoken publicly on the subject until the Associated Press reporter asked him about it after he took batting practice at Santo Domingo Stadium on Friday.

The reporter quoted Ramirez as saying, “I have spoken with (manager Ozzie) Guillen. What we want is to win with the Marlins. We will see what’s going to happen with the position switch and everything else. If it’s third base, OK. Wherever they put me to win, I’ll do it.”

Guillen, in turn, said Tuesday on Twitter, “I am very happy this morning when I read Hanley’s comments. I tell you guys that Ramirez is a good kid. (If) he stays healthy, he will have a monster year . . .His talent is so good yes, let him play, leave him alone and produce.”

Ramirez, 28, ultimately might have no choice but to accept a move to third. He is under contract through 2014, and the Marlins say they have no plans to trade him.