Duncan mulls return to baseball

Former St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan is not sure that he wants to get back into baseball. But Duncan said Thursday that teams are showing interest in hiring him.

“I’ve had several clubs call me and talk to me not so much about coaching, but joining them in some other capacity,” Duncan told FOX Sports. “I really don’t think I would coach again — not right now, anyway. But if someone is interested, I’d listen to whatever they’re thinking about.”

Duncan, who turns 68 on Sept. 26, stepped down as the Cardinals’ pitching coach in January 2012 to assist his wife, Jeanine, in her battle against brain cancer.

Jeanine died last June 7. Duncan’s son, Chris, a former Cardinals outfielder who is now a media personality in St. Louis, also is fighting brain cancer.

Dave Duncan worked alongside manager Tony La Russa for 28 seasons with three different clubs — the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics and Cardinals. La Russa retired after managing the Cardinals to the 2011 World Series title, and Duncan said the reason he would not coach again is “the grind.”

“It got to the point where it was starting not to be fun,” Duncan said. “The game was fun — don’t get me wrong. I loved it once the game started. But all of the other stuff involved, it got to be a grind.”

What could Duncan do other than coach? He isn’t sure.

He was a catcher with the Kansas City and Oakland Athletics, Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles from 1964-76. He became a coach with the Indians two years after retiring.

“I’ve been a player. I’ve been a coach. I haven’t done anything front office-wise, organization-wise,” Duncan said. “I know where I think my areas of strength are.

“I guess somebody would have to be serious about offering a job. Then I would sit down and talk to them.”