Angels Weekly QOTW: Father’s Day

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Happy Father's Day out there from all of us at FOX Sports West.

- You know, my father, he hasn't been doing well the past few years, so for me, Father's Day is definitely something that I take pride in. And hopefully I pitch on Father's Day.

- It comes back to being at home. My dad would take me to travel ball in Orange County from LA. Just taking my bat and my dad to a game or having him over for a game, especially on Father's Day, that would be pretty special, man.

- Father's Day is also a big day too, because like I said, my dad's always been there for me. Both my parents have always been there for me all the way from Little League up to now. And they're still there supporting me and being the best parents they can.

- Father's Day has an incredible meaning-- one because I am a father of two beautiful, wonderful kids-- a three-year-old and a one-year-old. So that has a completely different meaning of Father's Day. But having your boy and your daughter out there, just it's an amazing feeling. It means a lot for, like I said, myself as a father now, but also my father growing up, just how much of an impact he had on my life.

- I think it would be really special-- like, every other day that I've been spending time with [INAUDIBLE]-- but like I say, that being my first year playing the game being a father, I think it would be even more special than the other days.

- It was definitely special last year when-- my first Father's Day that I was actually a father. And just having a great dad myself, playing on Father's Day for him years prior, it's a day that you take to heart. And you want to go out and you want to play good for your son, you want to play good for your dad, and for your grandfathers, father-in-laws, I mean, all the men in your life that have really influenced you. So definitely a special day.