Skip Bayless ‘smells a rat’ in the Brandin Cooks trade

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Skip Bayless reacts to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots trading Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams.

- And that is why, once again, I'm starting to smell a rat.


- And his name is Bill Belichick. And I did it. I called him maybe a rat. Because this quote, unquote rat Belichick got ordered to trade Jimmy G. at a point that he was ready to push Tom Brady into the backdoor sunset. And he responded by giving away Jimmy G. to the 49ers for a mere second round pick, which Belichick now has in his back pocket.

And by the way, he gave away the other quarterback too.

SHANNON SHARPE: Jacoby Brissett.

- He just gave him away. And then he did not play Malcolm Butler for a single play, single snap in the--

- Will you ever forgive him for that?

- --Super Bowl? Well, meanwhile, Nick Foles, the guy you have no respect for, was hanging 41 on Belichick defense. And it just felt a little sabotage-y to me. Because clearly, Bill got his wrist slapped by the owner, Robert Kraft. And Bill responded, in my view, by saying, OK, watch this. I won't play my best defensive player, the guy who played the most snaps on defense, Malcolm Butler, for the entire Super Bowl.

And Tom, good luck to you. Let's see what you can do. And all Tom did was throw for a playoff game record 505 yards and put up 33 points. But it wasn't 42 points, because Belichick was giving up 41. The genius Belichick gave up 41.

- Stop, Skip.

- And so here we go again. And I'm with you. Brandin Cooks is a really good football player. You know, you just look. He's a productive wideout.

And again, I like what the Rams did. I can't love it, because I thought Odell was going to be a Super Bowl here-we-come move if they pulled that one off, because it would create, like, Hollywood, over-the-top momentum for the Rams, who have already made some big splashes--


- --in free agency. Obviously, Suh and Talib, Marcus Peters, added to Wade Phillips's defense. But here we go with a Brandin Cooks. Because they lost Sammy Watkins. And Brandin Cooks is a better Sammy Watkins. He's just more productive and he's more durable than Sammy Watkins.

- Yeah. Hard to believe a guy that size is more durable than Sammy Watkins, who's 6'2", 220.

- That is correct. But Odell would have arrived in Hollywood with more baggage than you could put in an airport limo, right? And so again, our man Eric Dickerson, the "Ram-bassador," is saying, man, I don't know about Odell. Do we really want to throw that volatility into our mix?

So OK, I'm good with that. Because you got a really solid player who's durable, who hasn't missed a game for the last three years. And all of a sudden, this-- even this move-- vaults the Rams, to me, into the catbird seat in the NFC. I think they're the best team in the NFC. They should be favored now to go to the Super Bowl.

- They're going for it. Now, I'm not ready to go sabotage-y yet. Now if he trades Gronk, then I might be on-- I'm gonna have to get in the car with you and drive.

- And again, there are mixed reports about that right-- maybe, maybe not. Is Gronk on the trading block? But if he does that-- now again, if you can go get another Gronk-- but you'd say that's impossible.

- No, you ain't getting another Gronk.

- There is no other Gronk, right?

- No. No, there's not.

- And obviously, he's got his injury issues, a la Sammy Watkins. But if-- let's just say, for hypotheticals, if you lose Gronk and then you don't replace Brandin Cooks and you force Tom Brady to come back with Julian Edelman and Malcolm Mitchell, who both missed all of last season with injuries--

SHANNON SHARPE: Injuries, right.

- --and Chris Hogan who missed seven games last year with a shoulder injury-- really?

- And that's what we know about Hogan, Skip. He's been productive since he's been in New England. But he's always mixed. Always.