Skip Bayless decides whether the Spurs or Thunder pose a bigger threat in the West

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Following important wins by the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder last night, Skip Bayless predicts which team will be more dangerous in the playoffs.

- Russell Westbrook did. He was just a terror yesterday in a game that I thought they would lose at New Orleans. They had big issues on Friday night at home with Carmelo Anthony, who didn't play in the fourth quarter as they blew a nine-point lead and a five-point lead with three minutes to go. And Billy Donovan attempted to put Melo back in the game late in that fourth quarter. And Melo said, nah, I don't think I want to go. Leave Jerami Grant out there.

So it was a rebellion on Melo's part. I was surprised by it. I thought it would carry over into the game yesterday. And it didn't. And the Thunder played great in the fourth quarter and held off Anthony Davis and company.

And here's my bottom line. My Spurs did to James Harden and company what they always do when the game really matters. I'm not saying this was James Harden disappearing in Game 6 of the playoffs last year, the close-out game in Houston, but it was pretty close. James Harden wasn't very good yesterday because the Spurs know how to defend James Harden.

And for me, going into the playoffs, I fear Russell Westbrook-- if it's a Spurs matchup with the Thunder-- far more than I would fear James Harden. And I know Chris Paul didn't play. And maybe he's going to be the difference maker, but I don't think so. I don't fear the Houston Rockets in the postseason the way I still do the Thunder because Russell Westbrook is on some other level.

And I know he's struggled late in games in the fourth quarter. But you give him Paul George, and you give him a happy Melo, and you give him Corey Brewer in the starting line-up, and I just fear that team more because my Spurs know how to deal with James Harden.

Could we see that play early in the game yesterday? This doesn't happen against anybody but San Antonio for James Harden, the runaway MVP. Here's James Harden driving, and ah, there's no call. He got no call. Do you believe in this? He probably got fouled by LaMarcus.

But you know what? The refs respect the San Antonio Spurs, who lead the league in points allowed. The number one defensive team is San Antonio. They have a legacy and a reputation for playing defense.

SHANNON SHARPE: Hey, Kawhi said, well, bother me then.

- Lebron's team is third from the bottom in defense. But the Spurs are number one in defense.

- Well, Kawhi keeps saying, well, then why y'all keep sending in Tony Parker to bother me--

- We are finished with him, which is why Tony Parker spoke out, and why Manu Ginóbili spoke out.

And by the way, what you're seeing right now from my Spurs is they are playing-- they are responding with classic Spurs pride, and guts, and basketball character that we did not see all season long from one Kawhi Leonard.

SHANNON SHARPE: And they going to the second round.

- And this team is-- this team is inspired by the fact they don't have Kawhi, who, by the way, was cleared by the Spurs medical staff two months ago to play with a bruised thigh.

SHANNON SHARPE: He got his own doctor.

- A bruised thigh? So he's gone back to New York.

SHANNON SHARPE: He got his own doctor, Joey. You know when you got--

- He's got his own doctor.

- Yeah, you know, sometimes people hire their own investigation. You know, the police department can't handle it. Right? You got that long bread, you hire your own PI.

- Right now, my Spurs are stuck in the four spot, with Oklahoma City in the fifth. This could change dramatically because we still got five games to go.

SHANNON SHARPE: It don't matter.

- It does matter because I want to see San Antonio and Houston in the post-season.