Skip Bayless on Houston defeating Portland: ‘Harden is special, but I’m not buying the Houston Rockets’

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In his reaction to James Harden leading the Houston Rockets to a 115-111 win over the Portland Trail Blazers and ending their win streak, Skip Bayless explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why he's not buying the Houston Rockets as a serious contender for the NBA title.

- They may be special, but I am still not buying the Houston Rockets. I saw a very different game than you saw. And I got LASIK surgery, I don't know. That's all I got.


- I got like 20-15 vision. I can see clearly. I can see all--

- No you can't.

- I saw a game last night in which Houston still looked terribly vulnerable in the late and close situation that that game suddenly, somehow, became. And I saw Chris Paul III get away with another non-call on a gray area borderline dirty play at the very end of that game that just drove me out of my mind. How does he keep getting away with what he gets away with?

Is it because he's the president the Players Association? Or is it because in the State Farm ads, we see such a nice guy, Chris Paul, hanging out with his State Farm agent, going bowling and playing charades? Is that the guy? Because the truth is, that's not the guy who plays basketball.

SHANNON SHARPE: Well, because he's small, Skip. You don't think small--

- Yeah, he's just a cuddly little CP3.

- Yeah, exactly.

- I'm sorry, but to all of your points, Houston had no business almost blowing a game in which they made 19 threes to Portland's 11. That's plus 8 times 3. That means you're plus 24 from the three point line. What usually happens when you're plus 24?

SHANNON SHARPE: You get blown out.

- You just get blown out. And how about just the guard, the guard shooting? You've got James Harden, who is very special, as we know, and CP3. They make 10 out of 17 threes last night. And the two other guards, Damian and CJ combine, as Joy said, to go 0 for 12.

That's plus 10 threes right there from your two guards versus your two guards. 10 times 3 is 30. You're plus 30 on guard three point shots. It should be a complete and utter embarrassment, humiliation, wipe out at Portland.

And just for that matter, how about just in the fourth quarter Houston made seven of 10 threes in the fourth quarter, Portland 0 for 4 from three? So you're plus 21 from the three point line just in the fourth quarter? And guess what, boys and girls? It went to the bitter end.

Portland had a real shot with five seconds left even though Houston was up-- what was it-- by nine with a minute and-- what was it here, I'll find it in just a second-- but with about a minute a half left there, they go up nine points. And guess what? Portland goes on a 7 to nothing late run. And it was keyed by yet another block by that guy who got killed by LeBron James, the guy who died, Nurkic.

- Yeah.

- Poor man. He died.

- That [INAUDIBLE] about to run out though.

- He got his heart snatched completely out of his body by LeBron James.

- Yeah, yeah.

- And we saw the zombie apocalypse last night. Because Jusuf Nurkic, I swear he was gone, at least he retired, you know, just gave up and quit and went home to-- I think he's from Bosnia, you know? I think he went home. Nope, showed up last night.

Can you believe he went for 21 points and 11 rebounds and had four blocks? And his block of a James Harden shot, if we could see that-- it keyed the run, the late 7 to nothing run. There's Harden up-- wait, that was, the zombie got it. That was Nurkic who blocked it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Oh my goodness.

- And guess what? Nurkic blocked James Harden, by my count three times, in the lane in that game. And Harkless got him two more times. So James Harden, special, got five of his shots blocked in the lane because he just goes into the lane and begs for foul calls.

- And they give them to him.

- He just throws it up and usually he gets them. And last night, he's looking at the ref like, do you know who I am? I'm James Harden.