JuJu Smith-Schuster campaigns for LeBron James to sign with the Steelers

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JuJu Smith-Schuster joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss his rookie season with the Pittsburgh Steelers and announce his campaign for Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James to sign with the Steelers.

- Well you definitely fit right in, and you also dominate social media. So for anyone who didn't see it yesterday, you tweeted an image of LeBron with the Pittsburgh skyline and wrote, "Announcing my official campaign to recruit King James to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018 season. LeBron has done everything in the NBA. He can be the best athlete ever if he makes the move to the NFL and wins the Super Bowl with Steeler Nation. #LeBronToPittsburgh."

JUJU SMITH-SCHUSTER: Yes, and so take up on that. I heard you're LeBron's fan.

- No, I'm a LeBron fan.

- No, he's LeBron's fan.

- You trying to get LeBron broke up is what you trying to do.

- I'm a fan of his an athlete. And at first I was like, what? Unfortunately it's a little late in LeBron's career. It's not a laughable idea. Like the more I thought about it, he is capable of pulling this off. You and I have not discussed this at all. But I know it's some tongue in cheek, but not completely. He could pull this-- could he be Jimmy Graham? I think he could be Jimmy Graham.

- I think he could have been better had he devoted a lot more time to it. Maybe Shannon Sharpe, you know. But no, I mean, you look at his skill set, Jimmy's 6'7", LeBron's 6'8". So could he-- the ability-- I think he's equally as athletic as Tony Gonzalez, and Antonio Gates. And Gates was a dominant basketball player at camp.

- Shannon Sharpe.

- I believe basketball [INAUDIBLE].

- So JuJu, why did you do this?

- I mean, this is you know-- in the movement, you know, King James, people were talking about, he should go to Warriors, go to Lakers, you know, where he should end up at. And as you guys know, I'm so serious. Like, I'm very, very serious about this campaign. I actually brought a little surprise for you guys.

- Here, hold this. There you go. I like that.

- You guys like that?

- Yeah. Let me see the back.

- King James, 23 in Pittsburgh gear, imagine that.

- King James, yeah.

- What, is he going to play defensive end? Because you don't need any more offensive help. Is he going to play de-- is he going to play corner?

- He can play anything he want. I mean, the whole process of this, I mean, you know it's going around about, you know, King James, he should go here, he should go there. I was like, why not come to Pittsburgh? I mean he's a GOAT, you know, obviously, as a baseball player. But to be the greatest athlete in sports history, come to Pittsburgh Steelers and win the Super Bowl, I mean, you can say the guy did it all.

- That would do it. I would agree. So are you thinking offense or defense?

- Honestly, I mean, his mentality, like you say, as a tight end, I'm thinking offense. I mean, the dude can jump, the dude can-- you know, he can run. His body's built, he can block.