Rob Parker blames Tom Brady ‘100%’ for the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl LII loss to Philly

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Joining Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Rob Parker reveals why he blames Tom Brady '100%' for the New England Patriots' Super Bowl LII loss to Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. Do you agree with Rob?

JOY TAYLOR: And we're joined now by the very excited Rob Parker.

- What? Hey, how are you guys doing?

SKIP BAYLESS: You get your first moment in the sun on this show.

- Is that it? You know what, Shannon? I don't think I've ever been high before until Sunday night.

SKIP BAYLESS: You're just naturally high.

- A natural high, yes.

JOY TAYLOR: What percentage of the blame goes to Brady? And what percentage goes to Belichick for Sunday's loss?

- 100% to Tom Brady. For the first time, New England Patriots fans and I agree. Tom Brady was the goat in this Super Bowl. And I'm not talking about the greatest of all time. Just the goat, G-O-A-T, who made the big blunder that cost him the game.

And I say this, Skip, about why I think Brady deserves all the blame. First of all, you could take a look at the defense. Coming into the game, Tom Brady knew. You saw what they did, Nick Foles did, against the Vikings, right?

SKIP BAYLESS: Viks, correct, yes.

- The number one defense, they ran them off the field. So coming into the game, you had to figure that the 24th-ranked defense was going to have issues. This was going to be a game where Tom Brady was going to have to be the best guy and beat Nick Foles.

And he wasn't the best guy. Nick Foles out-dueled Tom Brady. If you just watch-- and don't give me the yards, the 505 yards. It's about points. It's not about yards. It's about points. That's what wins games. And Nick Foles was the best quarterback on that field Sunday night. Did you see those throws, Shannon?


- They were on the money. Tom Brady had a couple of wobblers, couple of pop-ups, with nobody around the defenders. That's what Tom Brady cashed in on. And the other thing, when people talk about Tom Brady being a goat, did you watch him try to catch that pass that was thrown to him? He looked like a middle-aged man with a spare tire, and his four-year-old son was throwing the ball to him. And he had no chance to get it.

- Are you saying Tom Brady has a spare tire?

- No. I said he looked like that, a middle-aged guy trying to-- he looked horrible.

- Did you see him try to scramble before the half and got caught by Brandon Graham--

- Yes.

SHANNON SHARPE: --before he could get out of bounds?

- So there we are. Tom Brady had the ball twice. Skip Bayless with under two minutes to go with a chance to win the game. That's what everybody tells me. Tom Brady is the greatest. This is what he does. No, the difference between what Tom Brady was able to do this time and the other times, the last two, was that the defense was almost shutting out--

- Not almost, they did in the fourth quarter.

- --right, in the fourth quarter, the other opponents. So it was all on Tom Brady. All he had to do was score one touchdown to win the game. And he couldn't do it, twice. Tom Brady lost the fumble that changed the game. That was the reason why the Eagles won and the Patriots lost.

And you can't have it both ways. I'm tired of hearing people say, well, if Tom Brady would have won, the debate is over. He's the greatest of all time, end of discussion. But if he loses--

SKIP BAYLESS: That already ended a year ago.

ROB PARKER: No, it did not end. No it didn't.

- Not with you, hot rod.

- No, not at all. And now, and then if he loses, he's still the greatest. No he's not. And he lost, Skip, to a backup quarterback. Tom Brady lost to Eli twice, a backup quarterback. It's not about going to the Super Bowl. It's about winning. And Tom Brady lost this game. He's 100% to blame. And you know what? I'm still on a high.

- So the other five times winning, that doesn't matter?

- No. And you know what? Let me see. Do the math. It's basically 500 now.

- So it should be 3--

- Aren't you a professor? You should be ashamed of yourself.

- But not in mathematics.

- Not in math.

- You should take this act on the road because you could be Brady-hater. Right? You know, Rob Brady-hater, and it would be funny because you'd have them rolling in the aisles with this material.