Shannon Sharpe shares his thoughts on the sexual assault allegations surrounding Michigan State

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Reflecting on Tom Izzo's press conference, Shannon Sharpe shares his thoughts on the sexual assault allegations at Michigan State.

- It's going to be very difficult for Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio to withstand this.

- Yep, I agree.

- President has resigned. The AD has resigned. It's going to be virtually impossible. And the Magic released Adreian Payne. Travis, the young man-- Walton, he got, he's also, you know, suspension, on leave in the G League until they get this thing sorted out.

Skip, the reporter, ask him, she said, "Tom, do you have any regrets?" And he says, "Well, I've cooperated." If he says he has a regret, that means he's done something wrong, that he wants to apologize for. He can't admit that. Because if he admits that, he's admitting he knew, and he did nothing. He can't go there, Skip.

And that's why he says, "I'm only--" He also said, "I've cooperated." They didn't ask you if they cooperated, if you cooperated. This is a very tough spot to be in, because we view things in this situation, this me-too movement now, join in, and everybody knows this. It's different, Skip.

And what we see going on now, is that it's not good enough for the coaches to say, "I've cooperated." You know everything about your-- that's the one thing about college coaches. That's why they love college coaching, love coaching college as opposed to the pros, because you get to control these players 24/7. You know everything that they do. And so for him to say, well, I don't know why he left, or, I don't know that number, he's being disingenuous.

And this is why he and Mark Dantonio will not be able to withstand this, Skip. I don't see how they do it. And with the situation, you're looking at it. And this doesn't make it right, but let me tell you what the university is probably thinking. Basketball, at all universities, basketball and football, those are your money makers.

MAN: Yep.

- They basically support everything else. So even though they had this gymnastics, Dr. Nassar, old staff, and they heard all these allegations. Well, if you do something with him, and you've got 16 allegations against football players, and you've got these allegations against basketball players, they, just like, we just go let him ride because we don't want to upset the applecart over here.

That's ridiculous. I'm going to tell you who else is not going to be able to survive this. It's the A president Mark Emmert.

MAN: When they say new--

- They say it's been reported that he had direct, firsthand knowledge of what was going on. And now he don't know anything. But you know what amateurism is? He know the difference between an amateur and a pro, but he don't know nothing about this here. A lot of heads are going to roll in this situation. Nassar was the tip of the iceberg. But then for him to go down, and if it had go down, down, down, and it gonna get real deep, Skip.

And this thing at the Michigan State, it's going to be Penn State. But it might even be bigger, if you can believe that. Because this thing goes two programs. Not, putting Penn State was just about the football program. It didn't touch the basketball program. Now, you got football and basketball, and two well-known names. This is not going to end well for Michigan State. I'm sorry.