Skip reacts to Julio Jones’ incomplete catch on 4th and goal: ‘you gotta make that play’

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Julio Jones' performance against the Philadelphia Eagles in the AFC divisional playoff game.

- It's the most staggering stat of the year, to me, in pro-football, is that Matt Ryan throwing to Julio Jones this season, one for 18 when Julio was in the end zone. One for 18? Where is the rapport, the chemistry? That's almost as bad Dak throwing to Dez, right? Which was an accident waiting to happen.

- That might be even worse.

- It might be even worse.

- Because you're talking about a guy that has a huge catch radius, he's 6' 3", can jump out of a building. And he's one for 18.

- One for 18? I mean, I feel like I could just throw it up for grabs occasionally and he'd go snatch one, right?

- Yeah.

- And so I'm with you. I don't have any problem with the last play. And again, is there a foul on the play by Jalen Mills? I don't know. I'd just let them fight. But it's Julio Jones. It's a guy you made the case as the best receiver. Because you always say against Antonio, Antonio is a little man. However, no matter, does he run good routes? Does he have' big heart?

- Oh, my--

- Whoo. Does he?

- Oh, yeah.

- But Julio's everything. He's perfect. We couldn't build a better receiver than Julio Jones. Except that Matt Ryan keeps rolling, and rolling, and rolling. And finally, he fires it up to Julio, where he's caught that ball like dozens of times in his career, is that not catchable to you?

- Yeah, I don't know. He might have been out of bounds. He mis-timed his jump.

- But even if he snags it, maybe then he forces his feet back in bounds. He knew he missed it, so he just let his feet come [INAUDIBLE].

- But Julio Jones is good enough. He's got to make that play 10 out of 10 times.

- Gotta make that play. Gotta make that play.

- As simple as that.

- This is do or die. This is season. You're going on or you're going home. And if he's the best receiver in football-- it's like, we kept talking about Dez-- if you make that much money, you at least got to catch the ball that hits you right in the hands.

- I mean, Julio's got to make that play.

- Yeah. Is it hard play? Yeah, it's a hard play.

- Yeah. Yeah.

- But this is game on the line. This is it. This is everything.