Skip: Colin Kaepernick is just better than Marcus Mariota; Titans should have signed him

Skip Bayless explains why the Tennessee Titans should have signed Colin Kaepernick.

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- So here's the painful irony truth to me. And I was on record before the Jameis Mariota draft, and I'm going to take it a step further. You want to know the truth of this story? Colin Kaepernick is better than Marcus Mariota. He just is.

I can just show you the numbers. I'm not a Big Mariota fan. I'm not just 20/20 hindsight. I said it before the draft. He doesn't have a great feel for playing quarterback.

He'll take off when he probably shouldn't. He's in that no man's land sometimes of, oh, I've got to try this. And he makes big mistakes. He makes tumultuous turnovers that get returned for touchdowns.

He's been a little better than I thought he would be as a pro quarterback, but he's 13 and 18 as a starter. His QBR was twenty-first the first year. Improved quite a bit to 12th, and then 12th again this year. This is his third year obviously. But Colin Kaepernick is just better than Marcus Mariota.

Let's start there. Then let's go to Matt Cassel. He did make a Pro Bowl at Kansas City after he won 11 and 5, missed the playoffs in New England. But it's just laughable to me that I'd forgotten he was the backup, because who knew? And that's glaring that Matt Cassel is the second string quarterback.

And then we get to your first point, which is it's way beneath the dignity of Colin Kaepernick to even suggest that he should want to be the short term third string quarterback behind Matt Cassel and Marcus Mariota at Tennessee, seriously? That's just painful to me to even think of the concept of that. But it has come to this. So now we get to the biggest question. And that is what-- is it just over for Colin Kaepernick?

And I've thought, since we're now four games into the season, I'm pretty sure it's over. I think this league has quietly rejected the whole notion of Colin Kaepernick. Pretty clear right?


- Because we just keep doing these. And you know, I've got to knock on wood for all those quarterbacks. But somebody else will get hurt. You know it and I know it. Just, history tells you they will.

And then we'll do it again the next day. But why didn't they call Colin Kaepernick? I think nobody's going to call Colin Kaepernick.

- And what did everyone been saying? As soon as there's an injury, Colin Kaepernick will get a call.

- No.

- But we've had guys tear their ACLs, we've had guys that's going to be out for the entire season. And yet, we get a guy, you know, we talk about it. And we ask the fans, what do they think about this? And we asked a few people. Then, boom.

- And don't underestimate what a threat he is, even beyond the activism, the protests, but just because he's really good. He's a good player. He's proven over time to be very good. I know he's been beat up and had a rough run the last couple of years in San Francisco, but they were bad. And he sort of rose above them, especially last year.

I thought he played three or four big time games. But you have to be careful now, because I think that's why he didn't get the backup job at Seattle. He's too good for his own good.

He was going to be a threat to Russell Wilson. And in this case, trust me, if you signed-- if you cut Matt Cassel and brought in Colin Kaepernick to be the obvious backup, because he runs the same style offense as Mariota, he would-- if he got a shot, he would become a threat to Marcus Mariota. And they don't want that in that franchise.

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