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TMZ Sports caught up with Shaq to talk about LeBron James and the Lakers.

- Moving on to Shaquille O'Neal, who tells "TMZ Sports."

- Can I say something real quick?

- What's that?

- I find it very, very ironic that Richie's name is Incognito.

- Why?

- Well, that's not my real last name.

- He's the biggest dude I've ever seen before in my life. How you gonna be incognito?

- How big are you?

- So, right now, about 6' 5", 330 pounds.

- So let me ask you a question, when did you get big? Were you like a freshman in high school just bigger than everybody else?

- No. See, I was a late bloomer. So when I got to high school, I was about 6 foot, 220.

- I was 5' 6", 116.

- Richie, can I--

- But then--

- Babcock's still 5' 6", 116.

- Richie, how many pull-ups can you do, Richie? Because you're huge. You're so strong, but you're big.

- I can probably do about 15 pull-ups. Easy, easy, New Jersey. How many pull-ups can you do?


- You want to see how many pull-ups Mike Babcock can do? Here's one. Here's number one.

- Oh, he's killing it. Killing it.

- Nope.

- All lat.

- Richie, let me tell you something-- I used to be able do like 13, 14. But then I came and sat here for 12 hours a day for five years.

- They're working you too hard, let me talk to your boss.

- Yean, Richie.

- Harvey, you're working him too hard.

- We tried to help him out, Richie, we tried. Hey, let's move on to Shaquille O'Neal, a guy who, I'm sure, can also do more than one pull-up.

- 15.

- Shaquille O'Neal was out in downtown Los Angeles playing a five-on-five charity basketball game which benefits Folds of Honor foundation, which actually provides scholarships for spouses and children of US military personnel have been killed and wounded in action. Very cool charity, very cool thing Shaquille O'Neal was doing.

On his way out, we asked him, look, man, LeBron's in Los Angeles, you're a Lakers legend, you got a statue outside Staples Center. Any chance that you would consider coming back for one year-- I know you're 46 years old-- to play with LeBron James. And that's when he brought Kobe into the mix. Watch what Shaq says.

- Shaq, what if you could come out of retirement and play with LeBron, man.

- No, man, no. I'm done.

- What do you think about that result?

- Kobe coming back, I heard.

- What's that? Bring Kobe back too?

- Kobe coming back. I heard it. You heard it here first.

- Shaq says Kobe's coming back. He's 39 years old. There's been a lot of rumblings. Van makes fun of me because I hear a lot of the rumblings.


- Kobe, come back. Please, we're missing you. Please, Kobe.

- Richie, think about this-- he's 39. He's playing on a repaired Achilles. Kobe also has been living his life a little bit. He's clocking the scales at about 235, 240 right now.


- The Mamba will always strike.

- So you think he could actually come back right now?

- Absolutely. I think he was in tremendous shape his entire career. He battled adversity as well-- injury after injury, scandal after scandal, and Kobe always comes out on top. I'm a huge Kobe fan. I'm from Phoenix, I jumped ship from the Suns, over to the Lakers, over to the Heat, and now that LeBron's there, I'm back to Lakers fan.

- So let me ask you a question. You mentioned earlier that you saw Michael Jordan the other day.

- I did. I bumped into Michael Jordan over at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas. And I just went up to introduce myself.

- Was he playing blackjack?

- No, he was just chilling. He was hanging, having a cocktail.

- Michael was in a casino?

- I just wanted to run up and just tell him, you're my hero. I love you, I've always looked up to you. And I brought up the part about him getting cut from the team and using that adversity. Because, again.

- He was cool?

- He was cool. The coolest part about it was he was like, I know who you are. I was like-- my jaw hit the floor.

- That's pretty cool.

- That is dope, man. MJ knows who you are.