Colin Cowherd questions if Kevin Durant is ready for the pressure of Game 7 vs the Houston Rockets

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Looking ahead to tonight's matchup between Houston and Golden State in Game 7 of the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals, Colin Cowherd questions if Kevin Durant is ready for the pressure when his Warriors square off against the Rockets, revealing the ripple effect on the NBA if KD fails to defeat the Rockets.

- Tonight's very, very interesting. One hour from now, by the way, "Colin was Right, Colin was Wrong." We do it every Monday, and I'm right and wrong all the time with both. So that's about 50 minutes from now. Doug Gottlieb next hour, too.

So Golden State and Houston will play a game seven tonight, and that gives us an opportunity to see the best the second-best player in the world, that would be Kevin Durant. He'll be on display tonight.

I just want you to remember this as you're watching the game tonight, now, Kevin Durant should be licking his chops. There's four or five things that really, really play-- really, really play into Kevin Durant's wheel house tonight. Chris Paul's hurt. James Harden, not on his game.

Houston's never been, in recent years, with his group of guys, in a game seven in the Western Conference Finals. I think it's fair to say Steve Kerr and that cast are better than Mike D'Antoni and James Harden's cast.

Also, I think the Rockets, because they're only playing seven players, I think this is reasonable to say, I thought they looked really tired in game six. Those are all great, inarguable, measurable advantages for Kevin Durant tonight.

But it's interesting, I was, you know, fishing around the internet this weekend, and I kept hearing people say, but Andre Iguodala's not going to play. Slow this puppy down. Wait, wait, time out. What'd you say? So Andre Iguodala, who averaged six points a game this year, NBA journeyman, 34-year-old, that is your excuse tonight if Kevin Durant loses? That is your alibi, Andre Iguodala? [CHUCKLES]

LeBron just made the finals with his second-best player being George Hill. Three years ago, he made the finals with Matthew Dellavedova being his second-best player. The alibi tonight is Andre Iguodala is so schematically vital for this team. Yeah, so vital he scored six points a game this year.

So Kevin Love, the All-Star five times, is out. Can you imagine me coming on this morning, and saying well, LeBron didn't have Kevin Love? You'd attack me.

Kevin Durant doesn't have Andre Iguodala, and if he loses tonight, my bad. Do we have to give him another All-Star? And that, my friends, is the difference between LeBron James and Kevin Durant, the standard, the standard, the gap.

Kevin Durant has the world's two best shooters on his team statistically, Clay and Steph, and if KD loses tonight, he's going to need more help? OK.

Never forget, there was a headline a few years ago when Kevin Durant played for the Thunder. A newspaper, "The Oklahoman," came out with this headline that said "Mr. Unreliable." The newspaper had to apologize, because Kevin Durant and his agent were deeply bothered by it.

By the way, LeBron regularly has jerseys burned, and his message is, I'm good. Got other things to worry about, like, you know, making my eighth straight final. Any team LeBron goes to, it is his team immediately. Even D-Wade's team in Miami. We are now in the second season of Kevin Durant. Here we are in a game seven. And if I asked you right now who leads the Warriors tonight? We could not come to a definitive conclusion.

The gap between Le LeBron, who would not have been able to use Kevin Love and All-Star's injury as an alibi and Kevin Durant as the whispers start, well, Andre Iguodala is so vital for this team's defensive rotations.

Oh, everything lines up for Durant tonight. Chris Paul's hurt. Harden's not been that effective. They've got an experience advantage. They probably have the better coach, better bench, and Houston's only playing seven guys this entire series. If Kevin doesn't win tonight, I never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to hear anybody even use LeBron and Kevin Durant in the same sentence.