CP3 or The Beard: Colin Cowherd questions if Chris Paul is more valuable than James Harden

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With Chris Paul now sidelined with a hamstring injury for Game 6 of the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors, Colin Cowherd questions if Chris Paul is more valuable than James Harden.

- What is valuable? That's why I'm always yelling and screaming when these Westbrook and Hardens get MVP. I'm not doubting the talent. Forget MVP of the NBA. Forget MVP of the Rockets. James Harden isn't the most valuable guard in a two-guard back cart.

Are you watching these games? It's not about points, bro. We have pieces of video. This is what I was yelling. And I know what you're saying, "MVP is a regular season award." Yeah, I actually watch regular season games. And when I watch regular season games, who is the guy that was yelling, and the traffic cop, and talking in the huddles? It was Chris Paul.

Who was the verbal guy? It was Chris Paul. Harden's always been aloof. Is that part of leadership? I don't know, I think talking is part of leadership.

When you watch the Rockets, Chris Paul is also the better defender. He's the alpha. He's more physical. He'll get in Steph Curry's face. Harden tends to be passive. I don't know, do you think physicality is valuable? I do.

The Rockets are now 6 and 0 in the playoffs after last night's awful game by Harden. 6 and 0 in the playoffs in James Harden's six worst playoff games. We have it right now. In his six horrible playoff games, they've won by 20, 22, 18, 13, 10, and four.

Westbrook and Harden are gifted. They're not that valuable. They're not verbal. They're not leaders. They're not talkers. They're solo acts. They're ISO acts. They're gifted acts. They're not that valuable.

They're six and oh with five blowout wins when Harden's awful. This year, look at the wins and losses. When Harden and Paul were together, they were 50 and eight. When Harden was gone, 15 and nine. They can still win without him.

If you were dropped off a spaceship into America, plopped in front of a TV, forced to watch this series, you could come to only one conclusion-- the heart and the soul of the Rockets is Chris Paul. He's the talker. He's the traffic cop. He's the alpha. He's the dog.

He's in the huddle. He's on the court. He's getting guys pumped up. He's getting in Steph Curry's face. He's the go-to guy on shots. He's the better defender. You could come to no other conclusion. But people have their biases, and people, it's the Slam Magazine-ization of basketball. Who hit the jumper? He's the best player.

James Harden isn't even MVP of his own back court. Forget the league. Forget his roster. Last year, this team had no heart in the playoffs. They died. They quit. This year, they're beating Golden State for that very reason. They have no quit. They're all dog.

Why are they beating Golden State? Golden State's players are playing well. Draymond had 15 rebounds last night, Kevin Durant 29 points, Klay over his season average. Steph Curry had 22. Better field goal percentage, Golden State last night. Better three-ball percentage, Golden State last night. Better rebounding last night, Golden State.

Who had more assists? Golden State. Who had more points in the paint? Golden State. Golden State's not playing poorly. This series has been determined by who's got the dog in 'em, who's the alpha, who's directing traffic late. It's all Chris Paul. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check. We can't figure out valuable. It's not that difficult.