Sam Darnold on adjusting to life in the NFL

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New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold joins Colin Cowherd to discuss rookie camp and adjusting to life in the NFL.

COLIN COWHEARD: You're a 20-year-old and you're going to be pointing fingers at 30-year-olds, saying do this, do this, do this. Are you comfortable in that space?

SAM DARNOLD: Absolutely, you know I always say, guys want to led. The old O linemen, the veteran receivers, the running backs, they want people to come into the huddle, and be authoritative, and be able to tell them what to do. At the same time, I'm not going to tell these guys how to live their lives. I'm going to learn from them in that regard and learn how to be a pro.

But when I'm on the field, I'm going to be the leader. As a quarterback, you've got to be the leader of the team. You've got to be the leader of the offense. You've got to be that guy in the huddle, to be able to tell guys what to do.

At the end of the day, we got to be on the same page. And if we're not on the same page, we're not going to be successful. We're not going to move the ball down the field, we're not going to get first downs or score touchdowns. So it's about being as efficient as possible. And to do that, we've got to be on the same page. And in my opinion, the quarterback has to be in charge of getting everyone on the same page.

COLIN COWHEARD: Sam Darnold, Jets-- listen, you're a college student, you're in a dorm with your buddy linebacker Cam Smith. Now you go to New York. And you get a lot of money. You got to buy a house. And there's a lot of stuff going on in your life right now. Take me a little bit to the non-football stuff with you. You've got the parents helping you? Do you feel a little overwhelmed by it?

SAM DARNOLD: No, it's been awesome. I've actually-- college life was awesome, obviously, rooming with Cam Smith, and everything, it's been amazing. And it hasn't really changed. I'm not too worried about buying a house yet. I'm probably going to stay in an apartment until I hopefully find some success over the next couple of years.

But I'm just living life the way I normally live it. I just, I have some money. That's the only thing that's changed. And it's been amazing, again, referencing it earlier, but having the team around me, the people that have been there to help me out throughout this whole process, my family, my friends, but also my agent, the marketing team.

It's just been-- they've been amazing throughout the whole thing. And even Kay Jewelers, you mentioned it earlier, they've been able-- even throughout this whole process-- but with Mother's Day coming up and the draft, I was able to get my mom something really nice from Kay Jewelers, for draft day, but also for Mother's Day.

So with them providing the support that they have throughout this whole process as well, being able to help me out in that regard. But having the whole team around me, helping me out, it's been amazing. But my personality, as you know, it's not going to change. It's just the things around me are changing and the attention is getting a little bit more. But other than that, nothing's really changed from my end.

COLIN COWHEARD: I remember the first time-- I grew up on the West Coast-- I bounced around, Sam, for my career. And I remember the first time I lived in Connecticut, and I'd been there about three weeks, and I drove into New York. And the city is so big. It's hard to compare.

I'd been to LA, I'd been to Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, I'd never been in New York until about 15 years ago. And it was like wow. And their media is tough. It is the center of the American universe. Their CEO of the Jets, Christopher Johnson, said yesterday at a charity event, people are going to look to this draft and go, it changed everything. Do you sense, Sam, how big this is and how many eyes are on you? Do you have a sense of that?

SAM DARNOLD: Yeah, definitely. And I know, whether it's the first year, whether it's the second year, being drafted high as I was, I'm going to be expected to play, and I'm going to be expected to play well. Whether that's the first year, second year, third year, only time is going to tell. But I'm aware of the expectations.

But then again, I have higher expectations for myself than anyone can have for me. So with that being said, I'm just going to continue to be myself. But, yeah, I'm definitely aware of the expectations, and what everyone's thinking of me, and how well I need to play.

But again, I'm just going to learn from guys like Coach Bates. Coach Jeremy Bates is the offensive coordinator quarterback coach. Josh, Teddy, Hack, all those guys who are in that room, because they have more experience than me. I'm going to learn from those guys and just build, build off of every single day, whether it's in the film room, on the practice field, in every aspect of life, and in this game that we play.