Damon Harrison explains his early hesitation with becoming a Giants captain

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Damon Harrison joins Colin Cowherd in studio. Hear what he had to say about last season's performance by the New York Giants and why he was hesitant to be named a captain.

- Nothing against Ben McAdoo, he just looked like he was over his head. Some guys on the sidelines look like coordinators. Tom Coughlin look like a head coach. Tom Coughlin he'd give you a look when you came off the field, and you'd be like, I wouldn't want that look. Did you guys feel at some point, McAdoo is a good dude, and he's an offensive coordinator. But weren't some of you guys doubting, maybe he's just not a head coach?

- No, no not that I heard. Maybe some guys felt that way. Maybe it was a lot of success too soon for him. And maybe that was his downfall. But this past year wasn't his fault at all. Honestly, I'm not trying to say the politically correct thing, it wasn't his fault. It's our fault, the guys who were on the field, the guys who were playing, we weren't producing. And that starts at the top and goes all the way down to the bottom, so he got the blame for it.

- OBJ, he's really talented. He's a little needy, he's a little dramatic for me. Wouldn't he be a little better if he just scaled back on the dramatics?

- I think if the cameraman would stay away from him. His every move is being watched. He's not over-dramatic, he's passionate. He loves what he does. And a lot of guys don't. A lot of guys just come in and put in a day's work and go home and don't care. He loves the game of football and that passion, you appreciate that. Because I know he's not only out there chasing the check, as they would say.

- He cares.

- He cares.

- It's funny. I talked to Tony Gonzalez, who's going to be a Hall of Famer, and Tony told me he said like 60% of a locker room is chasing the check. And you even know even in the Giants locker room there are guys that are not all in.

- Not all in. And they showed this year with 3-13.

- And you thought that was compounded by guys who weren't about more than a check?

- Exactly, and I think that was the reason why in the beginning, I was kind of running away from the captain thing. Because you could see the group of guys that were in that locker room and I didn't want any parts of that. I didn't want, I didn't want any parts of that.

- Listen, the Eli Apple situation was bad. Tell me about it.

- A young guy, another one who has to grow up. He got to learn from his mistakes and his experience. It isn't college anymore, nobody's here to hold your hand. But I think he's a good young man with a good head on his shoulders. And I think he'll figure it out.

- So when they wanted you to be a captain, your takeaway was, this group of dudes?

- Not that blatant, but yeah. I just saw what we had, man, and I just couldn't put myself in that position to try to lead a group of men who, in its entirety, weren't all-in.

- But you think OBJ is?

- Yes, all the time.

- Practice?

- All the time, the guy actually practices. You wouldn't think that a guy like Odell Beckham would practice, and he actually does.

- He cares.

- He cares. He's running routes, he's blocking, he's doing everything. And I've seen guys not practice at all and still play in those games and that's what I was expecting when I first got there, but it hasn't been the case. He's always out there.

- That's good to hear. So you literally played one year of high school football. You didn't get scholarship offers, you're working at Walmart. Now you're not only a New York Giant, they want you to be a captain of a team. Do you take that seriously?

- Yes I do. So when Coach McAdoo and the defensive coordinator, Spags, came up to me.

- Was that a crying moment for you?

- It was, because I had to look deep down inside myself and it's a way of me hiding from some things and running from some things as well as not wanting to be the guy in the spotlight. Because if you're the captain, man, you've got to talk to the referees. And I know the referees are some great guys, but sometimes they make some bad calls.