Jason Whitlock: ‘Trolling on Twitter’ is keeping Lane Kiffin from a high-profile coaching job

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Jason Whitlock explains why "trolling on Twitter" is keeping Lane Kiffin from a high-profile job

JASON WHITLOCK: Whitlock, is Lane's trolling costing him the chance at a big time job.

JASON WHITLOCK: I-- I think it is. I think someone needs to tap Lane on the shoulder, and say you did a hell of a job at Florida Atlantic for a year, there's a lot of coaching jobs available grow up. Make these administrators think that you're mature enough to handle one of these jobs, And you won't run off and be disloyal, like you were to Tennessee. I think he can have his pick of jobs if he'd get off Twitter and quit trolling people.

COLIN COWHERD: Our president's on Twitter. I think it's a trolling-- I think it's a trolling culture. I think older athletic directors would be uncomfortable with it. There are not many great candidates. He was clearly a tremendous coordinator at Alabama. Watch their offense this year? Not the same. He turned around Florida Atlantic in one year--

- Yep.

COLIN COWHERD: And it's all coaching. He didn't bring any great players. Now the SEC needs six coaches. They're begging people at Tennessee.

- But that's why he's trolling, Colin, cause his phone's not ringing. He's sitting at home, this-- and he decides, nobody's calling me for a job? Well-- Why is that not happening? Let me go on Twitter and troll, and remind people who I am. That I'm out here, OK?


- I won nine games this year, and nobody noticed. I mean he-- dude, he could have gone 11-0 and it wouldn't matter. This is a guy-- you played word association earlier in the show. When you think of Lane Kiffin, the first word is, like, troll, or, born on third base. You know, this is a guy who is a good coach, we know that, but his personality-- You're not going to make him the face of your university, are you kidding me?

A guy who's sitting on Twitter going-- he came after me by the way after, I went on your show. And I bashed Alabama and said they were leaking oil. Lane Kiffin tweets at me, oh, you don't know what you're talking about, Nick Saban is going to prove you wrong. And Nick Saban lost. But, uh, Bucky I got to say, this is-- if I'm hiring somebody as the face of my university, I don't Lane Kiffin anywhere near me.

- You know it's a tough thing, because I think Lane Kiffin is an outstanding coach. I think what he's able to do offensively, how he can elevate the player or the quarterback. We've seen obviously with Jalen Hurts what he did at Alabama, what they done it at FAU. The issue is the maturity, the lack of maturity.

If this is the guy that's gonna be the representative of your organization, can you trust him to do the right things. And I think, coming out of what he came out of, SC, Tennessee, all those other things, he needed to show people that he could be presidential and he hasn't shown that. And so until he's able to show that side, he's gonna have a tough time getting a marquee job.

COLIN COWHERD: He-- is he-- is he verifying people's concerns.

JASON WHITLOCK: Well, here's what he's doing. You've got these school presidents, cause, you know, they have to-- this is so much money you're paying these guys. You have to sign off on that. He's divorced now. Lane acts-- he presents himself as an immature young guy.

COLIN COWHERD: A single guy.

JASON WHITLOCK: You're bringing him to a college campus. You-- you have to avoid any-- the width of any type of impropriety. He just doesn't-- he doesn't come off like-- that's not the 40-year-old guy on my college campus. With all these young people around here. And so again, get off Twitter.

I actually-- I like Lane, I like his work, I think he's-- I think he could do a great job at one of these big time schools. I think he's hurting himself by going over Twitter and continue to-- he-- look, you need to be 40 and act 55, instead of be 40 and act 25. And again, I-- this is one of the things I've got to be consistent, this is why I don't like Jim Harbaugh, and all of his shtick.

And, you know, it's like, I've kind of enjoyed Lane's deal with-- with Nick Saban. But it's just too much Twitter. It's-- it's just-- he's just gone to far.

- You mentioned Jim Harbaugh. It feels to me like this is, wow, Harbaugh really made his name a lot last summer. People talked about Michigan endlessly. He would pander to recruits, talk about Eminem songs, and his favorite jerseys. But Jim Harbaugh won at Stanford. Jim Harbaugh went to a Super Bowl. He made Colin Kaepernick. And what's Lane Kiffin done?

As you said, get off Twitter Lane, there's no win there.

COLIN COWHERD: I don't know you-- I-- I don't know. Listen, he's not looking to get a job at Liberty. You know, they do have tailgate parties in the south.

JASON WHITLOCK: Colin-- hop on Twitter and look up the names Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein.

COLIN COWHERD: No, I get that--

JASON WHITLOCK: People want stability and maturity, and-- you know, again, the guys divorced, he's got all this-- who has the time, if you're a college coach to be on Twitter, trolling people.

- Wait, so Colin, where are the-- how come nobody's calling him? If you think it's not that bad?

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, nobody's--

- Why is nobody calling him?

COLIN COWHERD: ---calling Kevin Sumlin. I think he's a great coach.

JASON WHITLOCK: Oh I think people-- I think Tennessee is interested--

- He's wating for something.

JASON WHITLOCK: --in Kevin Sumlin.