Nick Wright details why Adam Silver is the best commissioner in sports

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In his conversation about NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's contract extension, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe how Adam Silver has proven to be the best commissioner in sports.

NICK WRIGHT: It's very tough to be the guy that follows the guy. And David Stern was the guy. I think Adam Silver thus far in his tenure has been as good, if not better. The league's ratings are at an all time high. Revenue is at an all time high. And the partnership between players and owners is as good as I've ever seen it in any pro sport.

Stern was great, but it was a little adversarial. He imposes the dress code, the players don't like it. He's a little heavy handed, the players don't like it. Silver has really partnered, primarily with LeBron and Chris Paul and it trickles down from there. There's been one mistake in his tenure in my eyes see. And that was not smoothing the cap. After they had the huge influx of television money, they didn't smooth the cap. It kind of screwed with free agency. Allowed Durant to go to the Warriors. Now there's not as much increase in cap. But by--

- What does that mean, smoothing the cap?

NICK WRIGHT: They had a hug-- They could have instead of having the cap jump 20 million in one year, it could have been like 7, 7, 7.

- Which would have been more realistic.

NICK WRIGHT: And would have been more fair. But I say that, say this, he wanted them to smote the cap. It was the players that wouldn't let him do it. And so I think Silver deserves this distinction. I think he's the best commissioner in sports.

- One way you can determine how he's doing is look at the other sports. If you look at baseball, what Manafort is doing, very, very impressive. Now always the lightning Rod of all the commissioners is Roger Goodell. But they do have labor peace. But they don't have peace between the league office and the Players Association. They have that in the NBA. And any time you can accomplish that. If you have peace between the two parties. You have a genuine respect, not only for the game, but the people that administrate the game and the people that play the game. And I see that in the NBA at this stage.

And as you mentioned, it's hard to follow a great commissioner. Now he's been able to do that and also within his own personality. That's the one thing that I like that people that have seen him come up through the ranks, they said, this is the person that we see now that he is the boss. And what he's done from a social standpoint of how he was going to handle social issues is a step above any commissioner that I've ever seen in any sport. And for that, I have to be able to applaud him. They have a national anthem. They have a policy. But they have also encouraged their players from a social standpoint to be able to speak about their independence and they want to be involved in the things that they believe that the players want to be involved in.

NICK WRIGHT: Empowered. Not just encouraged, but empowered their players. And with the NBA, you can never-- When you talk about that type of thing with the NBA, you have to recognize race will always be inextricably tied to this league more than any other league. Because it is such an overwhelmingly black league. And the ownership is almost exclusively white. The league office, the commissioner, is white guy, David Stern, white guy. Like his ability to find common ground with the players, with the head of the NBA Players Association Michel Roberts, has been outstanding. I mean, it is the NBA is not a perfect league. It's far from it. But he has been-- There are certain things that could be models for other leagues. Even though there's always going to be a union management push and pull, it can be a collaboration. They can be partners and these guys really feel like partners.