Chris Broussard details why the Lakers and Cavs are the heavy favorites to land LeBron James

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe in studio on First Things First, Chris Broussard details why the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the heavy favorites to land LeBron James.

- I do expect his management team, led by Rich Paul, to probably have phone conversations with Philadelphia, Houston, Boston, any other teams that they're considering. That's what they did in 2014. Remember, he only met with Miami and Cleveland. So I think they'll go through that.

But this does tell me that the Lakers and the Cavs are the heavy favorites. Because, in my opinion, if LeBron James is going to go to Philly Houston or Boston, he has got to meet with the coaching staff or the head coach because those teams are really good teams that have systems in place. How do you envision me in your system? Do you change the system?

You know, You're not just going to drop LeBron James in Houston and--

- And say, figure it out.

- Yeah. Whereas the Lakers are so bad and young that if LeBron goes there, then you just build it around him. Cleveland, obviously, he's there, so that's how I read it.

- Could you include Philly in that group? Only because his agent, Rich Paul, already knows the coach, already knows the GM, which is gone now, but the management. If people don't know, Rich Paul reps Ben Simmons. Clutch Sports reps Ben Simmons. So does that factor into this at all, in your opinion?

- Yeah and I think Philadelphia would be third. And obviously Ben and LeBron, themselves, could speak. But I still would think you'd want to talk with a Brett Brown or, you know, something like that. But it's true that LeBron doesn't so much look at the coach. So I don't think he's looking at, oh, they only have Luke Walton. I mean, Erik Spoelstra was a new, young coach. He probably had never eve heard of David Blatt when the Cavs hired him, you know.

- I hadn't

- Chris, a few weeks ago, months ago, Cleveland was not even an option, basically, for LeBron James. It was not even on the playing field as far as where he would end up next season. Now it seems like it's either he's going to stay or maybe he goes to the Lakers. How have things changed in the last couple of weeks that Cleveland is now a viable option.

- Well, I think one, he's made it clear how much family is going to play into this. And that's nice to hear. And you think about a lot of these free-agent decisions with players, you rarely hear about the family and how much of an Impact. that's going to have in it. So I think that's one of them. And then I think with the Spurs not really wanting to deal with the Lakers, in terms of trading Kawhi right now at least-- and then Paul George maybe staying in Oklahoma City-- you have to wonder why would LeBron go to the Lakers for one year? You know, kind of waste a year.

Because I don't think he'd have any chance to win a championship.

- So that's an interesting point. If he stays in Cleveland-- which, listen, I had been saying for months, if they don't win the title, there's no chance. And then I started saying, even if they do win the title, he going to be the first player ever to be the best player on a championship team and then change teams, not retire.

But I was told this past week, don't say it's 0% he stays in Cleveland. That's not true where he's at right now. Do you think it'd be on the board that if he stays in Cleveland, it's not going a long term deal? It's to give him this opportunity again next offseason when things are more settled, like another 1 plus 1.

- Settled with who?

- Free agencies. Sees where Kawhi goes next offseason. See where Kyrie Irving goes next-- not that Kyrie will play a big factor, but--

- If he stays in Cleveland, I would expect it to be a one-year deal.