Nick Wright reacts to LeBron leading Cavs to a 17-PT comeback victory in the 4th against the Wizards

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to LeBron James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to erase a 17-point deficit in the 4th to defeat the Washington Wizards. Has LeBron surpassed James Harden as the 2018 NBA MVP?

- Yesterday, it was a game in three parts, three acts I should say. First act, first quarter and a half, Cavs are up 15. The next two quarters, the Wizards go on a 58-28 run in there. And then the way the Cavs closed it out once LeBron came on in the fourth quarter.

Some context for what happened last night-- going into last night, 463 times this year a team had been down at least 16 points with six minutes left in the fourth quarter. Those teams were 2 and 461.


- In LeBron's career, in that situation, he was 0 and 162. So even by LeBron James' standards, what happened last night was unprecedented. To not only have a 17-point fourth quarter comeback, but a 17-point half a fourth quarter comeback. It's not like they were down 17 to start the quarter and then started the comeback there. No, the Wizards had extended the lead to 17 with just under seven minutes left, and then the Cavs made their comeback.

But who they were playing matters last night. Because Michael Jordan famously created grudges, would find reasons to get up for these mid-season games. We have to remember who Washington is, what they said last year. Washington has never played this version of the Cavs in the playoffs.

Now, last year Washington said, the Cavs were ducking us. The reason the Cavs didn't fight for the one seed is they didn't want to play us in the playoffs.

- Right, at the end of the season, the Cavs had an opportunity. They could have gone for the number one seed. But with injuries and line-up switches and everything, they decided they'd rest some players. They gave up the number one seed. Which, Washington didn't have to say anything, but they added to the rivalry.

- Right, and by the way Washington could have guaranteed the Cavs have to play them by just winning their own playoff series. But they don't win their own playoff series. They chirped. They were scared of us. They didn't want to see us.

How did LeBron play the first time they played Washington this year? Oh, he had 57 points. And then yesterday-- we're not losing this game. Period, point blank.

Now, they could've lost the game. They needed everything to go their way at the end. But once LeBron was inserted in that game, and he either scored or assisted on eight of their final nine baskets where he was running point forward controlling the entirety of the court, and then at the end of the game guarding John Wall. By the way, you talked about Jeff Green being able to guard these guys throughout games.


- Seven times this year, LeBron has guarded an opposing player in a one-possession game in the final minute. In those seven possessions, the opposing team has scored a combined 0 points. So that's a bit of a defensive closer you have when you need to have it.

But this also-- this game was important. We found out yesterday Kyrie Irving is done for the year. Therefore, the difference between the three seed and the four seed is you get a hobbled Celtics team if they get there in round two or you get a Raptors team that is going to have the best year in franchise history in round two.

If they had lost this game, we'd wake up this morning and they were the four seed. That was an important win, and we now go down the list. They snatched Toronto's soul twice in the last couple weeks. Washington, give me that. You saw Scott Brooks having, I mean, an emotional meltdown on the sideline as he saw it happening. I mean, you said CC, these Cavs players who are new need to see--


- --LeBron do this to guys and see what happens.

- Yes, and then be a part of it.