Nick Wright explains why another NCAA title changes everything for Villanova and Jay Wright

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter offer up their opinions on the Villanova Wildcats and Jay Wright ahead of tonight's title game with the Michigan Wolverines.

- If they win this title, it changes everything for Jay Wright and for the program as a whole. If you get to three championships as a program, right? Because Villanova's 185, and then it would be two in the last three years. Only six programs ever have more than three. Only six programs ever have more than three national championships. How hard is it to win two and three years? Since-- and listen, UCLA won, I think it was 10 of 12 during the Wooden era.

Since then, from 1975 to now, here's the full list of teams that have won at least two titles in three years, Duke '91, '92, Kentucky '96, '98, Florida '06, '07, and it would be Villanova. And keep in mind, when I say change everything for Jay Wright, he's already a made man because of that title from two years ago. But we have to remember what the word on Jay Wright was as of two NCAA tournament ago. Great regular season coach, can't get it done in the NCAA tournament.

His first 14 years at Villanova, he only made the sweet 16 four times, only made the elite eight twice, and one final four, to all of a sudden have two final fours, two national championship game appearances, and potentially two national titles. If they win tonight, he has more titles than Coach Cal, more titles than Izzo, more titles than Boeheim, more titles than self.

We talked about how hard it is to win national titles in a six, in a tournament where it's one-game elimination six consecutive times. This would be-- you would elevate him to an even higher level than he already is. And they've done it through dominant performances all tournament.

- Two things, one, he's already been elevated because he came on this show. We made a comment about his fashionware. He listened to us, went out and actually didn't wear a tie bar. Don't say it, Nickolas.

- We are also doing a lot of work in that sense. I feel like it was one Cris Carter.

- And we love Jay Wright. But number two, how much of Villanova's success is a testament to the fact that they keep their players longer? They had one freshmen in their starting five last night, that they're there. And maybe that system shows that that is working.

- Yeah, but it's not a Villanova system. There's other teams around the league that--

- Correct.

- It's important that you have a system. It's important that you have the support. It's important you play in a good conference. It's the way he teaches basketball, the types of kid he attracts to Villanova. Only a certain type of kid is going there. So I just believe his overall personality.

And now because he's been there, he's been through the ups and downs, that this is his program. You talked about where would he stand as far as the national prominence and everything. More importantly, where would he stand as far as his university. If he's able to win two-- the great late Rollie Massimino, won one, the title upset of Georgetown in 1985.

Recently passed away. You can see the team is honoring him by having his initials on their Jersey. But to be with the best coach in your school's history, I believe that's very, very important. The system that he has, a system that other coaches have, he's just done it well.

And I believe playing in the big East, that really helps him continue to-- because he likes to recruit east coast, am I right? He likes the conference and the visibility. And even though the conference went through major changes, he's been the dominant team in that conference.