Nick Wright reveals what LeBron is doing differently in the post-Isaiah Thomas era to elevate his new-look Cavs

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Eboni Williams, Nick Wright dives into the numbers behind the Cavs' new players making shots, illuminating that LeBron James is, once again, making those around him better by being the ultimate facilitator.

- So I want to tell the audience something. Yesterday after the show-- Chris and I have these little impromptu meetings after the show sometime-- Chris, we go over things. But also, Chris is, obviously, more the television veteran, the pro, and he gives me pointers on things he thinks I can do better.

And so, we're walking from this building to the next building next door. He's like, Nick, he's like, when we're talking about the Cavs, he's like, I think it'd be good for the audience, if sometimes you sprinkle around some of the credit. Like, hey, these other players, they're good players and you're making it all about LeBron. And I thought about that, and I went over it, and I was like, I thought about it, and I was like, I knew we were gonna talk about this today.

So what can I say about the other players? LeBron's gonna put them in a great [INAUDIBLE] Cris Carter. But listen, I, I was--

- But on the way, you were acquiescing.

- I was thinking about it, I was thinking about it.

- You're right, yeah.

- And then I thought about the history. I thought, I remembered three years ago when the Cavs--

- Like, unbelievable.

- I thought about three years ago when the Cavs traded for Iman Shumpert, JR Smith, and Timofey Mozgov. And all of a sudden, those three players play the best basketball of their lives. I thought about two years ago when everyone thought Channing Frye was done as an NBA player, and he went to the Cavs, and he had a resurgence.

- But you talked about him then.

- I talked about them then. And I'm gonna give these guys credit. But I also dug into the numbers.

One of the reasons the Cavs were able to hit shots at the efficiency they were in that initial game. How about this? Those new players generated nine open 3's. Nine 3's, they took, without a single player within four feet of them. Those are wide-open 3's.

- Incredible, incredible.

- Every single one of those 3's was off a pass from who? LeBron James. What these guys are going to see is, their job is easier than it's been.

And unlike Isaiah Thomas, who's playing for a contract, and really to prove himself-- his hierarchy-- in the league. Unlike Jae Crowder, who understandably, by the way, had been angry for a year and a half. Jae Crowder was mad in Boston when the fans were chanting for Gordon Hayward. He was probably mad that he signed his contract a year early, and cost himself $30 million by missing out on the huge windfall from the summer two years ago.

They have guys who are thrilled to be where they are. And now they have back-to-back marquee games. You play national TV against the Celtics. Now you go play one of the best teams in the West, the Oklahoma City Thunder. So I expect all of those guys, knowing their role-- revolving around what LeBron's gonna do-- to play well.