Nick Wright reveals why he’s not worried about LeBron’s Cavs making the finals despite Love’s injury

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Reflecting on the report that Kevin Love will miss 6-8 weeks due to a broken hand he suffered in a 125-114 loss to the Detroit Pistons, Nick Wright reveals why he's not worried about LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers making the NBA finals despite Love's injury.

- The reason that a team-- I don't think they have to be in win-now mode to trade for Kevin Love is because he's got the three years left on his deal.

CRIS: Yes.

- So you could be saying, hey, we're not-- like Charlotte.

- An established star.

- Right. Charlotte saying we're not going to be good enough this year.

CRIS: Established All Star

- But if we have Kevin Love under contract for the next few years, then--

CRIS: And at a good number.

- Right. In the new salary cap era, a good number. This is-- but I do want to make this point because I think people are wondering if I'm finally going to join what I think is now the more popular sentiment that the Cavs are in enough trouble to where they're not the favorites to come out of the East.

I watched the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James at this same level he's at now lose Kevin Love in the first round of a playoff series, have Kyrie Irving injure his knee in the second round of a playoff series and not be the Kyrie we knew him to be the last two years, and go to the Eastern Conference finals and sweep a 60-win Hawks team off the power of LeBron James.

Kevin Love is going to be back for the playoffs. Isaiah Thomas, I don't know how good he will be. I know he will not be worse than he is now. I still believe the Cavs are the heavy favorites in the East.

JENNA: Heavy?

- Heavy favorites. I would be-- I sit here this morning, and I would be shocked if the Cleveland Cavaliers are not in their fourth straight Finals. One thing that this injury complicates, though, is I still think they're going to make a move. Assuming Kevin Love is not one of the trade pieces, they are only going to have at most 15, at the least four or five games at the end of the regular season for Love to play with whomever they acquire at the deadline.

CRIS: Mm hmm.

- And we've seen throughout this year, the stops and starts--

CRIS: Yes.

- That getting rhythm with new players is a real thing in this league.

CRIS: Yes.

- We're going to have Chris Broussard on a little bit later to talk about this as well.

- Jenna and I have plenty of concern about the Cavs, though, even though Nick don't have--

- Enough concern for us, anyone else in the studio, that guy in the back, and then everyone down Sixth Avenue. We're concerned literally--

- Yes.

- For everyone.