Nick Wright breaks down what went wrong for Tom Brady and the Patriots in their loss to the Dolphins

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright breaks down what went wrong for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in their loss to the Miami Dolphins.

- The way they've compensated is by having the greatest quarterback ever playing as well as he's ever played. And now--

- And he's so accurate. And he wasn't that way last night.

- That wasn't the case last night.

- No.

- And I'm just going to, I just want to put this little note out there for people. I want to use very recent NFL history of another guy that is at least in the argument from Mount Rushmore quarterbacks, Peyton Manning.

In 2013, Peyton Manning was as good as he's ever been 55 touchdowns, 10 pics, the greatest offensive we'd ever seen up to that point.

In 2014, Peyton Manning was almost that good the first 11 games. And then the last five games you saw the cracks in the armor, five touchdowns, six picks, a 79 rating. A terrible playoff game. And in 2015, he was finished. Done, benched injured, awful.

In 2016, Tom Brady was as good as we've ever seen him. This year, through 10 games, was almost as good as last year. Last week, we saw a little creak. Yesterday, last night, was as poorly as we've seen him play in a decade.

It-- when it happens, sometimes it happens like that and sometimes it happens during the season.