So much for concussion spotters: Fabbri plays multiple shifts after suffering concussion

BY foxsports • October 13, 2015

St. Louis Blues rookie Robby Fabbri is out indefinitely after suffering a concussion due to a hit by former Blue Chris Porter in a 3-2 loss to the Minnesota Wild. While the concussion itself is bad news, the Blues generated more concern among NHL fans after admitting they failed to pull Fabbri from the game immediately after the hit.

"We’re going to miss Robby," coach Ken Hitchcock told the media Monday. "I was surprised on the concussion because he had three great shifts after the concussion."

Hitchcock's lack of concern about admitting Fabbri played with a concussion is concerning in an NHL that is trying to crack down both on hits which cause concussions and teams' responses to concussions. Fabbri's hit caused a difficult situation because while his head was hit into the glass, he didn't show any immediate response indicating he was shaken up at all. The statement from Hitchcock shows Hitchcock is apparently unaware that players who have concussions might not be markedly dazed or out of sorts.  

Because concussions can be subtle, it is hard to blame the Blues for not immediately recognizing Fabbri was hurt, but the play also illustrates the need for teams to pay closer attention any time a player gets hit in the head.

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